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Information about Tutorial Unit 1 Topic 2

Published on May 19, 2008

Author: elvicaro



Tutorial Unit 1 Topic 2
My family and Friends


This week we will be working with Unit 1, Topic 2: My family and friends

Step 1: Read the General Instructions for this week

General Instructions: The Study Guide

You can also download the Guide in a Word format

Check out the Activities Map to organize your time

Click on the Map to enlarge the image

The Study Guide contains: A Topic and Activities Map Learning Strategies to manage your learning Links and Resources Evaluation & Assessment

The Study Guide contains:

A Topic and Activities Map

Learning Strategies to manage your learning

Links and Resources

Evaluation & Assessment

Remember to have your e-portfolio available for revision Thus, send your username and password to your tutor to check on your portfolio.


Self-evaluation activities are meant to help you to reflect on the language and skills tasks of the week, identify what you have learned and decide for yourself which areas you need to practice more.

There are FIVE self-assessed tasks for you to complete this week. All these activities are done in Moodle

Click on Tasks Unit 1 Topic 2 to read general instructions

Complete Tasks 1-4 in Moodle

Task 5 Preparation for Forum 2 Objective : To organize ideas and anticipate language for use in the discussion task

To be evaluated by your tutors

A blog message

Write a brief blog message , with a picture of your family attached, to the Moodle Participant page . Tell others about the people in the picture – no more than 5 family members). This should be saved as a Word document (150 words including title) in your ILP by the 28 th .

Click on the Blogs tab to add an entry

To learn how to add a new entry to your blog and how to attach a picture to your entry, Click here to watch a video tutorial

Participation in Forums

Click on Forums to read general instructions

There are THREE forums for you to participate in this week.

In Forum 1: My birthday , you will have a chance to practice the language of family routines and celebrations by sending a message to the forum about what you do with your family on your birthday.  Read the instructions. Time: 30 minutes online

In Forum 2: Work Life Balance we have our regular Teacher Talk discussion. This week the topic is Work-Life Balance and Task 5 helps you to prepare for the forum.   Read the instructions. Time: 1 hour online

Our Forum Course Questions is a regular feature of every week. You can use it to post questions or problems you have had with the week’s topic. Your questions could be about language, feedback, difficulties, etc. You can also post questions or comments about the platform, managing study time and routines.    Read the instructions. Time: 30 minutes online

  It is a good idea to keep a record of your best contributions to the Forums. Save them in a Word file and then upload them to  your ILP (portfolio).

  Remember to send your evaluation form before Wednesday 30 th Send them to your tutor’s mail: [email_address] [email_address]

Download the Word file, fill it in, save and send

Have a good week and C U online!

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