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Published on November 20, 2007

Author: Wen12

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Slide1:  By shianne Slide2:  A B C D E G H F I K O P M N J L Q R t u x s w v z y Click one of these letters! please Slide3:  Aa Anteater!    The giant anteater of South America is about the size of a German shepherd dog. It is covered with stiff, straw-like hair which grows up to 40 cm long on the tail. Slide4:  Bb Bear! A bear is a large mammal in the family Ursidae of the order Carnivora. Common characteristics of bears include a short tail, acute senses of smell and hearing, five non-retractable claws per paw, and long, dense, shaggy fur. Slide5:  Cc Cat! The cat is a skilled predator and intelligent animal, known to hunt over 1,000 species for food, and capable of being trained (and learning by itself) to obey simple commands. Slide6:  Dd Dog! Dogs, like humans, are highly social animals and this similarity in their overall behavioural pattern accounts for their trainability, playfulness, and ability to fit into human households. Slide7:  Ee Echidna! Echidnas, sometimes also referred to as "spiny anteaters", are the only surviving monotones apart from the Platypus. Slide8:  Ff Frog! Most frogs have a semi-aquatic lifestyle, but move easily on land by jumping or climbing. They typically lay their eggs in puddles, ponds or lakes. Slide9:  Gg giraffe! Giraffes are one of the world's tallest mammals. They are well known for their long necks, long legs, and spotted patterns. Giraffes have small "horns" or knobs on top of their heads that grow to be about five inches long. Slide10:  Hh Horse! Depending on breed, management, and environment, the domestic horse today has an average life expectancy of 25 to 30 years. Some specific breeds of horse can live into their 40s, and, occasionally, beyond. Slide11:  Ii iguana! Iguanas are omnivores, which means they eat plants and meat, though usually tending to eat plants, mainly leaves and fruits. Sometimes iguanas (especially younger ones) will eat eggs, insects and other smaller vertebrae. Slide12:  Jj Jaguar! Like all cats, the jaguar is an obligate carnivore, feeding only on meat. It is an opportunistic hunter and its diet encompasses 85 species. The jaguar prefers large prey and will take deer, tapirs, peccaries and dogs, Slide13:  Kk Kookaburra! There are four known species of Kookaburra found in Australia, New Guinea and the Aru Islands. Unusually for close relatives, the Laughing and Blue-winged species are direct competitors in the area where their ranges overlap. Slide14:  Ll lion! Lions are quite adaptable and can be found in a variety of different habitats like deciduous forests semideserts but they prefer savannas, grassy plains, open woodlands and scrub country. Slide15:  Mm monkey! When the British first began to explore Africa, young monkeys were often captured to provide entertainment during long voyages. Although they may appear to be friendly and nice and can resemble human babies for some people, many people believe that monkeys should not be kept as, or thought of as, pets. Slide16:  Nn numbat! The Numbat is a small, colourful, highly photogenic creature between 20 and a little under 30 cm long, with a finely pointed muzzle and a prominent, bushy tail about the same length as its body. Slide17:  Oo octopus! Octopuses have a relatively short life span, and some species live for as little as six months. Larger species, such as the north pacific giant octopus , may live for up to five years under suitable circumstances. Slide18:  Pp pig! Pigs are omnivores which means that they consume both plants and animals. On a small farm, or in a large household, they can be fed kitchen scraps as part or all of their diet. Slide19:  Qq Quokka! The Quokka is a small macropod about the size of a large domestic cat. It weighs 2.5 to 5 kg and is 40 to 54 cm long with a 25 to 30 cm tail — which is rather short for a macropod. It has a stocky build, rounded ears, and a short, broad head. Slide20:  Rr rat! The best-known rat species are the Black rat and the Brown rat. The group is generally known as the Old World rats or true rats, and originated in Asia. Slide21:  Ss snake! Recent fossil evidence suggests that snakes directly evolved from burrowing lizards An early fossil snake, was a two-legged burrowing animal. Slide22:  Tt Tarantula! Despite their often scary appearance and reputation, none of the true tarantulas are included in the list of deadly spiders (spiders having a strong toxin, dangerous to humans). Slide23:  Uu Ulysses butterfly! The Ulysses Butterfly is also known as the Blue Mountain Swallowtail, the Blue Emperor, and the Mountain Blue. It is a spectacular bright blue and black Australian swallowtail butterfly. It lives in tropical rain forests in Australia, Indonesia, and other nearby islands. Slide24:  Vv Viper Fish! The Viperfish can be recognised by its large mouth, long fang-like teeth and long first dorsal fin ray (up to half the body length). Slide25:  Ww Whale! Like all mammals, whales breathe air into lungs, are warm-blooded feed their young milk from mammary glands, and have some (although very little) hair Slide26:  Xx Xanthus hummingbirds Slide27:  Yy Yak! The yak is extremely nimble in its mountainous terrain despite its impressive size, and is so well adapted to colder climates that it would not survive in milder conditions. Slide28:  Zz Zebra! Zebras are typically herd animals. They usually stand one to two meters tall, two to three meters (6.5 to 10 feet) long, and weigh 250-500 kilograms (550-1100 pounds) Slide29:  By Shianne!

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