Turn Dead Ends into Dollar Signs

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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: MarketLeaderInc

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These slides accompany our webinar featuring Market Leader strategy experts Kerm Foltz and Jack Markham, where they share the best tips for maximizing every contact. From effectively engaging your active leads and reviving comatose ones, to solving challenging scenarios we'll explore every way to turn “dead” leads into dollars. Watch the recorded webinar at http://learn.marketleader.com/display/learning/Turn+Dead+Ends+into+Dollar+Signs

Welcome to Market Leader Power Hour!! • Today’s call will be recorded • View today’s recording and past Power Hour recordings at: Learn.MarketLeader.com • Live Q&A today; send in your questions! Host: Jennifer Tervo Market Leader Trainer www.marketleader.com

Turn Dead-Ends into Dollar Signs Host: Jennifer Tervo Market Leader Trainer www.marketleader.com

The Plan for Today… • The big picture of lead engagement • Strategies for leads that have fallen off the radar • Reading your leads to determine their timeline • Engagement strategies for various scenarios • Live Q&A with our special guests! www.marketleader.com

Today’s FEATURED GUESTS www.marketleader.com

Laying the Foundation… www.marketleader.com

Your Goal When Engaging Leads • Stop their search – Get them back to your website – Eliminate other search engines – Determine timeline & demographic www.marketleader.com

Online Consumer Timeline www.marketleader.com

Make it Easy to Engage Lead Status Description New A lead should only be a new lead once it comes in Retry Used during the first 7 days while you try to get them back Active Once they come back to your site they become active Inactive For leads that don’t return to your site during the 7 days Hot Consumers that are motivated, engaged and probably in Phase 3 Sold All converted leads Trash Any lead that can’t be contacted due to inaccurate information www.marketleader.com

ENGAGING YOUR LEADS www.marketleader.com

7-Day Plan of Attack • Day One: Recommended Listings • Day Three: Market Insider • Day Five: Listing Alerts • Day Seven: Add to “10 Days of Pain” Campaign www.marketleader.com

No Response After Day 7 – What Now? • 10 Days of Pain campaign: – Last chance to get a response – Any response is good – Look for consumer triggers www.marketleader.com

Key Behavior Triggers • • • • • • • • • • Viewed home Saved home Set-up or refined listing alert Request more info on listing Zip code/neighborhood change Short sale/foreclosure home Condo’s/Townhomes –HOA Viewed Market Insider report Pre-approval request Phone number www.marketleader.com

If Your Lead Provides a Phone Number • If you have a phone number, call them first • Speak to them or leave a voicemail introducing yourself • Then proceed with your 7-Day Plan www.marketleader.com

WWK&JD What Would Kerm & Jack Do? www.marketleader.com

“What do I do When…?” They come back to my site, but don’t respond or communicate with me They visit my website during the 10 Days of Pain www.marketleader.com My inactive lead came back to my site after 4 months My lead is consistently active on my website, but not opening my alerts

“My lead indicated they are already working with another agent.” www.marketleader.com

Subject: Am I the agent you are looking for? I respect the fact that you have a real estate agent. But ask yourself, are they really providing you with all the tools and information you need to satisfy your real estate needs? Are they sending you properties consistently, or do you have to find them on your own? Is this why you are looking on my site? I would like you to know that I have all the tools to search for the right home for you. If you are not under contract with an agent at this point and you feel you are not getting the best service, then we should definitely talk. Keep me in mind; I represent my clients with the utmost integrity and I wish you luck in your search! www.marketleader.com

“My new lead requested mortgage preapproval.” www.marketleader.com

“My lead unsubscribed from emails, but keeps visiting my website.” www.marketleader.com

“I’ve taken my client to a few showings and they suddenly disappeared.” www.marketleader.com

“What if I am unsure whether they are a buyer or a seller?” www.marketleader.com

Subject: What are your real estate goals? I am so excited to help you with your real estate needs. I have some great tools on my website (insert website here) for both buyers and sellers, including marketing information and access to the Multiple Listing Service. I would love to get you started on a listing alert so you can view homes on the market; I just need to know if you are looking to buy, sell, or both. I can give you a call tomorrow to discuss your needs, or you can simply respond to this email. I look forward to hearing from you! www.marketleader.com

“My new lead came in at 3:15am – When should I respond?” www.marketleader.com

“My lead entered many zip codes and no maximum price.” www.marketleader.com

“What if there are no recommended listings to send?” www.marketleader.com

“If I already responded, ho w do I stop the ICW email from going out?” www.marketleader.com

“How do I engage a manually entered lead VS. one who registered on my site?” www.marketleader.com

Customizable Welcome Email I have signed you up on my website, and now you have access to homes for sale, market information, and specific community information. Now you’ve got all of the tools you need to find the right home for you! Using your new login and password on my website you can: – – – – Save your favorite home listings with my help View listing details and multiple photos Forward homes to your friends to share your favorites Sign up for listing alerts to be the first to see listings If you need anything, you can contact me directly at 425-867-5309 www.marketleader.com

“What should I do with my older leads? Start the 7-Day Plan?” www.marketleader.com

Next Steps… Turn Dead-Ends into Dollar Signs  Reach out to 5 contacts that have been on your site in the last 48 hours  Engage 10 contacts who have not been on your site in the last 60 days  Identify and thank 5 past clients or referral sources  Fill out the survey to receive the class notes  Register for next week’s Power Hour! www.marketleader.com

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