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Published on November 23, 2007

Author: Garrick

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Marine Industry and Yacht Building in Turkey:  Marine Industry and Yacht Building in Turkey History:  History The boat building industry in Anatolia, has a history of close to 800 years as the first shipyard was founded in 1227 in Alanya, building ships of 80-100 tons. For centuries Galleons for the Ottoman navy were built in Turkey Piri Reis:  Piri Reis Ottoman Admiral born around 1465 in Turkey. The Piri Reis Maps are some of the earliest maps used by sailors centuries ago. The Piri Reis Map is one of the oldest and yet most perfect map of America, drawn by a Turkish admiral. Drawn in 1513 From Past to Present:  From Past to Present Traditional boat building skills combined with modern techniques and education, has enabled the Turkish boat and yacht building industry to develop into an internationally known source since the early 1990’s. Turkish Boat Building Industry:  Turkish Boat Building Industry Always follows the technological developments closely and practices these new technologies in their shipyards, in addition to developing new technologies themselves. Ready to serve in modern, technologically developed and quality certified shipyards, together with well experienced work force. Yachts and boats built in Turkey are now being exported to the whole world. Turkish Boat Building Industry:  Turkish Boat Building Industry During the recent years Turkey has shown great progress in building and equipping boats, yachts and mega yachts. Today Turkey is an ideal production site for boating and mega yacht building. The investors and customers must be happy with what they get as value for their investments as they keep repeating their orders during the past years. Turkish Boat Building Industry:  Turkish Boat Building Industry Turkey seems to be standing forward for its service approach and price advantages when compared to the other countries in the boating sector. This conclusion can easily be derived from the fact that the majority of large yacht and mega yacht customers are from countries which have been the world leaders for decades. Turkish Marine Industry’s Mission:  Turkish Marine Industry’s Mission To build and provide advanced marine products and service, which are superior in quality, equipped with the best avaliable technology, fully comply with todays international standarts. To be a trademark in the world Classic Wooden Yachts:  Classic Wooden Yachts Turkish Boating Industry proudly builds classic wooden yachts utilizing in-house design offices, engineers and highly skilled craftsmen. The virtues of the industry’s craftsmen are based on 600 years of Turkish boatbuilding tradition. PURE CRAFTSMANSHIP IN EVERY DETAIL Each yacht is customized for its owner using a variety of optionals and alternatives to standart features. Mega Yachts:  Mega Yachts Since 1992, Turkey retains its fourth position in the world, in terms of the number of yachts and length, with regard to mega yachts. Turkish yards have gained a well-deserved place and recognition in the World Boating Industry for their quality. Tuzla and Antalya Boatyards:  Tuzla and Antalya Boatyards Accessories & Products:  Accessories & Products Manufacturers of high quality marine accessories and products Importers of world class brands Technical Service Ports and Marinas:  Ports and Marinas 66 ports More than 40 marinas dot the coastline in Marmara, Aegean and Mediterrenean regions with a berthing capacity of 16,500 8 new marinas under construction with a berthing capacity of 3,000 Types of Yachts in Turkish Marinas:  Types of Yachts in Turkish Marinas Sailing in Turkey:  Sailing in Turkey 21 sailing clubs in 15 cities Charter Boat Sailing in Aegean and Mediterranean coasts Regattas Leisure Yacht Production:  Leisure Yacht Production Source: IBS Sector Report Leisure Yacht Market:  Leisure Yacht Market Source: IBS Sector Report Yacht Exports:  Yacht Exports Italy (%19) Holland (%16) Greece (%11) England, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Libya, Israel and USA Registered Yacht Manufacturers:  Registered Yacht Manufacturers İSTANBUL 48 ANTALYA-ALANYA 42 İZMİR 40 MARMARİS 35 FETHİYE 14 BODRUM 15 BLACK SEA REGION 31 OTHER 35 TOTAL 260 Federation of Yacht and Boat Industries - YATEF :  Federation of Yacht and Boat Industries - YATEF Founded in 2004 to assist and develop the Marine Industry To set forth standards in the sector and assist companies achieve them To encourage technological improvements To demonsrate the high level of quality that originates from Turkish manufacturers and service providers to the international community Members of YATEF :  Members of YATEF Assoc. for Development of Marine Tourism and Seamanship (Member of ICOMA) Classic Yacht Builders Assoc. İzmir Boat Builders Assoc. Antalya Boat Builders Assoc. Bodrum Yacht Builders Assoc. Slide22:  Thank You.

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