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Information about Turkey_GV

Published on May 8, 2009

Author: nat_nimble

Source: slideshare.net


Wonderful presentation about a wonderful country. Need I say more?




ISTANBUL ATATURK AIRPORT Honey, Shut up please!! If you hadn’t been that mean, we could have come here by Turkish Airlines . Do you know they have two airports in Istanbul. One is called “ Ataturk Airport ” and the other is “ Sabiha Gokcen ” I hate SkyEurope, we arrived Istanbul in the middle of the night. But it was just 39 EUR. 1 2 3 4

Hmm, let’s tour the Istanbul at night. We can visit some clubs maybe. Hey i need to wear some make up and style my hair, first. ISTANBUL @ NIGHT - EUROPE PART Damn! This girl will kill me!! 1 2 3

Rock’n Coke Festival Reina Club Belly Dancers Suada

It was a nice night. We need at least 1 month to see all the clubs in this city. I heard that they have the bridge which connects the two continents. BOSPHORUS BRIDGE CONNECTS ASIA TO EUROPE 1 2 1

It’s time to see Istanbul in daylight. We can start from some historical places. GALATA TOWER Puff! Who cares about the history!! I wish we can visit Formula 1. 1 2 3

Do you know that, according to the legand Sultan built this tower to protect his daughter. She was living in here. MAIDEN’S TOWER Yeah, yeah of course... 1 2

Hagia Sophia was first built as an church by Byzantines. In 1453 it is changed into a mosque by Ottomans. Now it is a museum. HAGIA SOPHIA 1 Why everything is so old in this city!!!. 2

Largest of several hundred ancient cisterns that lie beneath the city of Istanbul. BASILICA CISTERN 1 Now i remember, this place was in a James Bond movie “From Russia with Love” 2

That’s the place i need. I can travel whole Turkey in a hour. MINIATURK 1 Tom, you are so lazy!! But anyway these miniaturs are so realistic. 2

1000CZK for a ticket. It’s perfect!! Let’s go. F1 ISTANBUL PARK OK! But on the other slide i will go shopping!!! 1 2

Yupppiieee! Cevahir Mall Damn!!! 2 1 Kanyon Istinye Park Kanyon



THIS is SPARTA!!! No, no! That was another movie!! Upps! TROY 1 Hmm, Brad Pitt was so handsome in the movie 2

In these lands, nearly 350.000 soldiers died in WW1. GALLIPOLI



It was built in 1907. Until 1985, it was working with water. ASANSOR / ELEVATOR 1 Hmm.. Nice place to suicide... 2 2

Finally! Real Turkish Coffee! KIZLARAGASI HANI 1 2 Nice place for souvenir shopping. 2

That’s what i call view Jane! TELEFERIK 1 Holly Cow!! It’s too high!! 2

Christians believe that Virgin Mary taken to the heaven from here. 1 Muslims believe that the water in here is healthy and holy. 2 HOUSE OF VIRGIN MARY




Bodrum looks perfect with it’s white houses. Waoov, so crazy night life! We can start with an foam party. 2 1 BODRUM

We have to try Parasailing! Maybe we can rent a boat and go on a Blue Voyage. 2 1 FETHIYE / DEADSEA

TURKISH RIVIERA I need a nice bikini i think...


Dude, how they don’t vomit?! KONYA / MEVLANA

CAPPADOCIA Tom, where are you? It’s scary here.





Jane, do you know that for Turks, Ataturk is a very important personality. Finally we are in capital! 2 1 ANKARA


Hey, these look like cotton candies. Evil eye! Protect me from Tom! 2 1 PAMUKKALE

I liked Troya and Cappadocia so much. I think Formula 1 was perfect. Next year we should travel the rest of Turkey. 1 2


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