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Information about turbine gas engine

Published on October 6, 2008

Author: amiradam

Source: authorstream.com

TURBINE GAS ENGINE : TURBINE GAS ENGINE ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY matadam97@yahoo.com.my The Engine : The Engine This photograph was taken from Universiti Teknology Malaysia, Skudai matadam97@yahoo.com.my Engine component : Engine component Air intake manifold Compressor Compression chamber Blasting chamber Jet blast matadam97@yahoo.com.my The Compressor : The Compressor Compresses the incoming air to high pressure matadam97@yahoo.com.my Combustion Area & Turbine : Combustion Area & Turbine Combustion area - Burns the fuel and produces high-pressure, high-velocity gas Turbine - Extracts the energy from the high-pressure, high-velocity gas flowing from the combustion chamber A ring of fuel injector Turbine matadam97@yahoo.com.my Turbine Gas Engine : Turbine Gas Engine Gas turbine engines also used to prime M1 tanks and destroyer vessel matadam97@yahoo.com.my Advantages & Disadvantages : Advantages & Disadvantages matadam97@yahoo.com.my matadam97@yahoo.com.my

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