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Information about Tumours Treatment Page
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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: theloclondon

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Our new treatment page for tumours and information about how to diagnose the illness.

CALL US ON TEL: +44 (0) 20 7317 2500 MAKE AN APPOINTMENT Search GO Main MenuHome Treatments What Are Tumours? See what our patients say about us Name Please enter any part of name if known Consultant name Cancer type SEE ALL CONSULTANTS FIND Find a Consultant Find a consultant with the specialist expertise most suitable for you. Select consultant name Select a cancer type What Are Tumours? Tumours can be found all over the body and come in all sizes. The LOC is the top private tumour clinic in the UK. We have a number of dedicated consultants at hand to help combat the problems that come with any tumour, no matter where it’s located. There are four main kinds of tumours. Neuroendocrine tumours are those which those which effect the neuroendocrine system (this is what regulates the function between organs in the body). Spinal cord tumours are referred to as CNS tumours as they attack the central nervous system. Roughly 4,700 people are diagnosed with these kinds of tumours every year. Brain tumours are a band in themselves in that they can attack certain cells in the brain, whether it’s a giloma on the brain’s supporting cells, meningioma that attack the membrand cells covering the brain, or medulloblastoma which are the most type of brain tumour in children, there are numerous types that all attack the brain. Endocrine tumours attack the glands which regulate hormones around the body, affecting how much adrenaline the body can get and disrupt the pituitary gland that sits directly underneath the brain. At the LOC our consultants help treat everyone with using the best private tumour treatments available in the world, no matter where on the body the tumour lies. Treatments HOME PURSUING EXCELLENCE ABOUT US YOUR JOURNEY CLINICAL TRIALS LIVING WELL TREATMENTS CONTACT US Do you need professional PDFs? Try PDFmyURL!

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What Is Gall Bladder Cancer What Is Head & Neck Cancer What Is Kidney Cancer What Is Larynx Cancer What Is Leukaemia What Is Liver Cancer What Is Lung Cancer What Is Mesothelioma Cancer What Is Mouth Cancer What Is Oesophageal Cancer What Is Ovarian Cancer What Is Pancreatic Cancer What Is Penile Cancer What Is Peritoneal Cancer What Is Prostate Cancer What Is Pseudomyxoma Peritonei What Is Sarcoma Cancer What Is Secondary Breast Cancer What Is Skin Cancer Do you need professional PDFs? Try PDFmyURL!

What Is Stomach Cancer What Is Testicular Cancer What Is Thymus Cancer What Is Thyroid Cancer What Is Trachea Cancer What Is Unknown Primary Cancer What Is Vagina Cancer What Is Vulva Cancer What Is Womb Cancer LOC: Leaders in Oncology Care 95 Harley Street London, W1G 6AF T: +44 (0) 20 7317 2500 F: +44 (0) 20 7009 4200 E: enquiries@theloc.com Consultants The most advanced cancer treatment available in the world Your journey Patients Experience Videos LOC tour Contact us Newsletters Careers in LOC Sitemap © LOC: Leaders in Oncology Care (2012) LOC: Leaders in Oncology Care is the business name of LOC Partnership LLP Registered No. 0C355641, England Registered Office: 242 Marylebone Road, London NW1 6JL Do you need professional PDFs? Try PDFmyURL!

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