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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: dee987

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All about Tumblr

TUMBLR. FOR LIBRARIES Presenter: Diana Silveira

Agenda ◦ Two Week Class: March 4 & 11 ◦ What is tumblr? ◦ How does it work? ◦ Professional Uses ◦ Library Pages ◦ Interacting on Tumblr ◦ Making Your Tumblr Engaging ◦ Tumblr Tips ◦ Tumblr Tools and Hacks ◦ Tumblrs to Follow ◦ The Future of Tumblr

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◦Effortlessly Share Anything ◦Microblogging – less is more ◦Post text, quotes, links, videos, etc ◦Find blogs based on interests/tags ◦Comments rare, reblogs common What is Tumblr?

How popular is Tumblr?

Quick Facts ◦ 38,000 posts per a minute ◦ Users spent 154.1 minutes on average on Tumblr ◦ 46.5 percent of Tumblr visitors are 18-34years-old. Sources: http://goo.gl/1rpliY, http://goo.gl/cD5t2

Why is Tumblr so popular? ◦ Easy to find similar blogs ◦ Easy to share & make posts ◦ Easy to track ◦ Interacts with other social media

“the best baby Twitter and WordPress didn’t know they ever had.” This is an apt metaphor. With all the functionality of WordPress, Tumblr also offers many of the same social features as Twitter. Just as tweets can be favorited, Tumblr posts can be liked. Tweets can be retweeted; Tumblr posts, reblogged. On Tumblr, like Twitter, you can follow people, and your dashboard, like your Twitter feed, is a stream of posts by everyone you follow, organized from most to least recent. Post can be tagged and those tags can show you what everyone else on Tumblr is posting on the same subject, similar to how hashtags are used on Twitter.” - Kate Tkacik (thelifeguardlibrarian.tumblr.com), who was one of LJ’s 2013 Movers & Shakers from ALA Magazine http://goo.gl/tSqTF

Did you know? In 2013, Yahoo bought Tumblr for $1.1 Billion


Create an Account

Find some Tumblrs to follow ◦ Librarians online: ◦ thelifeguardlibrarian.tumblr.com/ ◦ Great Libraries To Check Out: ◦ Baker Free Library ◦ Public Lib of Cincinnati Image from: http://goo.gl/raSoZ1

Follow http://tumblr.libraryjournal.com/

Let’s start blogging

Making Posts ◦Dashboard ◦Add Posts (With Tags!) ◦Reblog or like a post ◦See who liked/reblogged

Tags and Blogs • Find Tumblrs • Use tags to find info • Track key tags

Personalizing Tumblr Pick Your Theme Customize Your Theme Advanced Options Change Appearance Apps Add Pages More


Professional Development Offers perks like invites to author parties at conference teenlibrariantoolbox.tumblr.com pewinternet.tumblr.com libraryadvocates.tumblr.com/

Interact with authors rainbowrowell.tumblr.com neil-gaiman.tumblr.com YA Authors on Tumblr: yahighway.tumblr.com

Connect. Librarians on Tumblr use the tags #libraries, #librarians, and #Tumblarians to talk to each other (http://goo.gl/tSqTF) • thelifeguardlibrarian.tumblr.com • http://thepinakes.tumblr.com/ • http://wordtraffic.tumblr.com/

Books! http://gobookyourself.co http://heyteenbookshey.tumblr.com/ http://strandbooks.tumblr.com/

Libraries on Tumblr ◦ http://nypl.tumblr.com ◦ chicagopubliclibrary.tumblr.com ◦ canterburylibrary.tumblr.com ◦ hclib.tumblr.com

What to do on Tumblr share photos promote upcoming events promote community make announcements promote your collection promote reading interact with your audience Visit your library archives Have fun

Other Profession Dev Uses ◦ Reading ◦ Discover ◦ Find/Share Infographics and memes ◦ Keep up with trends (using hashtags)

Homework ◦ Set up a tumblr blog for either professional or personal use with: ◦ Title ◦ Description ◦ Theme ◦ Make at least one post of original content (Image, quote, etc…with at least 3 relevant tags) ◦ Reblog another blog post and add your own commentary ◦ Send me the URL along with questions ◦ Bonus: Follow at least one other Tumblr

Contact Diana Silveira Diana@novarelibrary.com 877-816-9638 Slideshare.net/dee987 Delicious.com/dee987/tumblr http://dee987.tumblr.com/ Join me at NEFLIN - March 20th for 3D Printing and Maker Spaces

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