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Information about Tui Na - Chinese Acupressure Massage

Published on March 13, 2014

Author: prisss_brown75


PowerPoint Presentation: Tui Na (pronounced 'twee nar', and sometimes known as 'anmo') is ancient form of Chinese Massage. It forms one of the main branches of Chinese medicine alongside acupuncture, herbalism, taiji/qigong and nutrition. It is still quite uncommon in the West, yet in China it is considered an important therapy, and can be found in most Chinese hospitals. It is around 3000 years old, and many modern massage styles such as Swedish massage and Shiatsu are derived from it. PowerPoint Presentation: Tui Na is unlike any other kind of massage both in theory and practice. Therapists work with both the physical body and the energetic body; They use what you would recognise as massage techniques to ease the knots and tension out of muscles, and at the same time work with the meridians (channels) and acupoints to regulate and balance the flow of energy (Qi) in the same way as in acupuncture. This means that there are a range of 'acupressure' techniques in Tui Na, and sometimes it is called 'acupressure massage', although that term is also used for less sophisticated acupressure routines which lack the underlying theories and understanding of Tui Na. PowerPoint Presentation: Tui Na can be broadly divided into Yin and Yang styles. The Yin Style is a very gentle healing practice using light touch. It regulates and balances the energy (Qi), clearing stagnation from the meridians and strengthening organ function. It is a deeply calming and relaxing treatment. The Yang style is a more physical treatment that uses deep penetrating techniques to break down muscular knots and tension. It is extremely effective on tight and stiff muscles, but without being painful as some deep massages can be. PowerPoint Presentation: In actual fact, the skilled practitioner will use both Yin and Yang techniques as required, and most treatments are somewhere between the 2 extremes. There are no set routines, and treatments are always tailored to each person depending on individual needs. Tui Na includes the same detailed diagnostic methods and complex understanding of the body and mind as Acupuncture and other branches of Chinese medicine. This is what marks it as separate from most other massage. In Tui Na, the therapy is inseparable from the theory. PowerPoint Presentation: This makes this kind fo treatment suitable for far more than just muscular problems, in fact it can be successfully used for a wide range of 'internal' conditions including respiratory, circulatory, digestive, psycho-emotional and hormonal problems to name a few. It is also of great benefit in maintaining health and dealing with stress. A Tui Na Treament : A Tui Na Treament To begin with you will be given a full Chinese Diagnosis before treatment, just as you would if you were receiving acupuncture. The practitioner will ask you about your complaint and your general health, and will look at your tongue and take your pulse. The treatment itself will be tailored to your individual circumstances, and is normally performed over clothing. Sometimes you may be asked to remove some of your clothing if oil is to be used. Even when strong techniques are used the practitioner uses cues from your body to determine the correct strength of the techniques - nothing should be unduly painful. In some cases only very light and gentle techniques will be used, but these can be just as effective. PowerPoint Presentation: You can check out my sources:

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