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Published on June 17, 2007

Author: Gabir


Welcome to ….:  Welcome to …. Timetable generation in Educational Institutions Developed by Softscan Corporation, India Overview 1/3:  Overview 1/3 The Timetable generator is ideal for Institutions offering modular and non-modular course structures. The features include Flexibility in Calendar definition Intelligent Room selection Module delivery conditions and options Flexible Course definitions Teacher preferences and availability Student registration and tracking Concurrent multilingual capability Overview 2/3:  Overview 2/3 Students choose which modules they wish to study. The timetable generator produces a timetable, which takes into account all conditions and constraints, attempting to accommodate all module choices of students. Several administrative controls are available during the timetabling process, so that the Administrator can explore various options to come up with a 'Best Fit'. Overview 3/3:  Overview 3/3 Tweaking (fine tuning) on the generated timetable is possible through individual adjustments. There are many views and reports Each teacher / student can view / print their individual timetables The Institution can publish the overall timetable Hosts of other supporting, monitoring and exception reports Timetable generation in Educational Institutions:  Timetable generation in Educational Institutions PART 1 Address Management PART 1 - Address Management 1/3:  PART 1 - Address Management 1/3 Is the heart of the system Easy Address Management Addresses organized into folders and groups Single point update of addresses Permissions levels for privacy PART 1 - Address Management 2/3:  PART 1 - Address Management 2/3 Users see only permitted addresses PART 1 - Address Management 3/3:  PART 1 - Address Management 3/3 Basic details Phone, fax, email, URL information Documents can be attached Links can be set between addresses Timetable generation in Educational Institutions:  Timetable generation in Educational Institutions PART 2 Calendar Management PART 2 - Calendar Management 1/3:  PART 2 - Calendar Management 1/3 Entities that build the Academic Year Months (January, February….) Weeks (Monday, Tuesday… ) Period slots in a day (07:30 to 08:15, 08:20 to 09:05….) Time zones in a day (Forenoon, Afternoon….) Workday types (Fullday, Holiday...). Weekday to Workday association (allows for regional preferences) Special Dates / Holidays in a year New Year's Day - 1st January Terms in a year (Semester, Trimester…) PART 2 - Calendar Management 2/3:  PART 2 - Calendar Management 2/3 The Academic calendar can be generated PART 2 - Calendar Management 3/3:  PART 2 - Calendar Management 3/3 User can scroll the calendar to view workdays Timetable generation in Educational Institutions:  PART 3 Facilities andamp; Rooms Timetable generation in Educational Institutions PART 3 - Facilities & Rooms 1/2:  PART 3 - Facilities andamp; Rooms 1/2 Facilities An important resource to manage within the system Facilities available in individual rooms can be specified. There can be fixed and mobile facilities PART 3 - Facilities & Rooms 2/2:  PART 3 - Facilities andamp; Rooms 2/2 Rooms Fixes the number of students that can be accommodated in the room Facility sharing can be specified. Timetable generation in Educational Institutions:  Timetable generation in Educational Institutions PART 4 Module Definitions PART 4 - Module Definitions 1/3:  PART 4 - Module Definitions 1/3 There are many aspects to Module information Module code / description Frequency / Type Student / Room / Teacher logistics Instruction medium (language) Pre-qualifications Scheduling preferences Delivery constraints Module session size PART 4 - Module Definitions 2/3:  PART 4 - Module Definitions 2/3 Example of basic information on Modules PART 4 - Module Definitions 3/3:  PART 4 - Module Definitions 3/3 Modules created can be grouped; any number of groups, and nested groups, are possible. Course content can be defined as combinations of Groups and Individual modules. Timetable generation in Educational Institutions:  Timetable generation in Educational Institutions PART 5 Course Definitions PART 5 - Course Definitions 1/3:  PART 5 - Course Definitions 1/3 There are many aspects to Course information Course Id / Description Frequency of occurrence Duration Course Requirements Overall Pre-qualifications Pre-qualifications by term PART 5 - Course Definitions 2/3:  PART 5 - Course Definitions 2/3 Example of basic information on Courses PART 5 - Course Definitions 3/3:  PART 5 - Course Definitions 3/3 Timetable generation in Educational Institutions:  Timetable generation in Educational Institutions PART 6 Teacher Definitions PART 6 - Teacher Definitions 1/3:  PART 6 - Teacher Definitions 1/3 Teacher details required by the system, Address and communication details Other Details (Native language, Logon, Room occupied) Roles within the Institution Restrictions on availability for teaching Links with other addresses PART 6 - Teacher Definitions 2/3:  PART 6 - Teacher Definitions 2/3 Short name required Image of the teacher can be loaded Display name and Print name can be separately given PART 6 - Teacher Availability 3/3:  PART 6 - Teacher Availability 3/3 Non-availability by Day and Period Group can be set Special feature - 'any one day' off Set rigidity for each restriction - S (strict), P (preferred) Timetable generation in Educational Institutions:  Timetable generation in Educational Institutions PART 7 Student Definitions PART 7 - Student Definitions 1/3:  PART 7 - Student Definitions 1/3 Once students have been registered, they can be enrolled on courses and assigned to specific disciplines. Compulsory Modules for the Course selected can be assigned to students. The students can then select the optional modules they wish to study. Repeating, exchange, interruption, and other special cases can be accommodated. PART 7 - Student Definitions 2/3:  PART 7 - Student Definitions 2/3 Students can be enrolled Compulsory modules can be assigned for terms Status can be set to indicate student participation PART 7 - Student Definitions 3/3:  PART 7 - Student Definitions 3/3 Students choose the optional modules they want The choice is possible from pre-defined sets Timetable generation in Educational Institutions:  Timetable generation in Educational Institutions PART 8 TimeTabling PART 8 - Timetabling 1/12 :  PART 8 - Timetabling 1/12 Terms required for timetabling are selected individually More than one term can be selected for the timetabling process To restart the timetabling process, the terms can be reset and selected again The data is validated before initiating the scheduling process PART 8 - Validation 2/12:  PART 8 - Validation 2/12 Data is validated for factors such as: Calendar Rooms Student count Module Module session Pre-requisites Periods Batch counts PART 8 - Setting Priorities 3/12:  PART 8 - Setting Priorities 3/12 Weights can be assigned to certain scheduling characteristics, in order to prioritize Modules PART 8 - Pre-processing 4/12:  PART 8 - Pre-processing 4/12 Pre-processing can be done for the Year-Term only if errors are not reported in the Validation process. Maps are created for scheduling PART 8 - Batch Adjustments 5/12:  PART 8 - Batch Adjustments 5/12 Batch sizes can be balanced by moving students between batches. This can be used also to improve schedule to maximize participation PART 8 - Adjusting Priorities 6/12:  PART 8 - Adjusting Priorities 6/12 Priorities can be viewed by Module or by Priority. The priority assigned to individual Module - Batches can be changed. Modules are scheduled in order of priority Changing priority moves the batch up or down the scheduling order PART 8 - Timetabling 7/12:  PART 8 - Timetabling 7/12 The scheduling process can be run many times, changing priorities and other factors to maximize participation. The results, and a detailed progress review, are available PART 8 - Adjustments 8/12:  PART 8 - Adjustments 8/12 Once the timetabling process has achieved a satisfactory configuration, it is possible to fine tune the results without processing the timetable again Adjustments are possible on the timetable created The user can add new Modules/ Batches and enhance/ augment the timetable created In essence, it is also possible to do the entire schedule manually PART 8 - Adjustments on TT 9/12:  PART 8 - Adjustments on TT 9/12 PART 8 - Adjustments on TT 10/12:  PART 8 - Adjustments on TT 10/12 Adjustments possible on the time-tabled modules: Students Add a Student to a Module/Batch Remove a Student to a Module / Batch Add Student to one session only Teachers Add a Teacher to a Module/Batch Remove a Teacher to a Module / Batch Others Change the room Move to another slot PART 8 - Fresh Additions 11/12:  PART 8 - Fresh Additions 11/12 PART 8 - Fresh Additions 12/12:  PART 8 - Fresh Additions 12/12 Fresh Additions possible on the Time-Table: Module Add a new Module/Batch Place a fresh session to a Module / Batch Delete a Module/Batch Student Add a Student (without timetabling) Remove a Student (without timetabling) Students can be scheduled for a Module/Batch, but this will not appear in their respective timetables. This emulates private study. Timetable generation in Educational Institutions:  Timetable generation in Educational Institutions PART 9 Timetable Views PART 9 - Timetable Views 1/7:  PART 9 - Timetable Views 1/7 The timetable generated can be made visible to all users through appropriate views The views possible from the system are Module Room Teacher Student Course These views give an understanding of the load on each entity. For example, room views help to schedule rooms when they are not in session PART 9 - Module Views 2/7:  PART 9 - Module Views 2/7 PART 9 - Room Views 3/7:  PART 9 - Room Views 3/7 PART 9 - Teacher Views 4/7:  PART 9 - Teacher Views 4/7 PART 9 - Student Views 5/7:  PART 9 - Student Views 5/7 PART 9 - Course Views (1) 6/7:  PART 9 - Course Views (1) 6/7 PART 9 - Course Views (2) 7/7:  PART 9 - Course Views (2) 7/7 Timetable generation in Educational Institutions:  Timetable generation in Educational Institutions PART 10 Reports PART 10 - Reports 1/6:  PART 10 - Reports 1/6 Reports extracted from this system include Timetable - Institution Teachers Students Batch Composition - Planned andamp; Actual Batch Counts and many other informational reports PART 10 - Reports (A) 2/6:  PART 10 - Reports (A) 2/6 Timetable of student 'Steffen Rolf' PART 10 - Reports (B) 3/6:  PART 10 - Reports (B) 3/6 Gives Batch composition (after Timetable generation) for Module(s), with student count / list. Also provides information on Course and the native language of the student. PART 10 - Reports (C) 4/6:  PART 10 - Reports (C) 4/6 Batch Count gives an overview of the Modules and their batches with batch counts PART 10 - Reports (D) 5/6:  PART 10 - Reports (D) 5/6 Sometimes, all the modules chosen by the students cannot be scheduled. This report gives a list of the modules which could not be scheduled for the student. PART 10 - Reports (E) 6/6:  PART 10 - Reports (E) 6/6 This report lists those modules which could not be scheduled at all by the scheduling process Conclusion:  Conclusion Do you have any comments, or do you need any further information? We would love to hear from you ! Write to us: The Softscan Team

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