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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: EMBARQNetwork


Indore BRT The story so far… Traffic Infra-Tech EXPO 22nd November 2013 Prashanth Bachu Chief Operations Adviser – AICTSL Project Manager (UT) – EMBARQ India

From the very beginning…

Before City Bus: Unorganised Transport in Indore

Indore City Bus: Project Basics Number of routes :: Average route length :: Number of bus stops :: Fleet Size :: Operating frequency :: Avg. daily ridership :: 15 18 km 210 95 buses 8 - 26 minutes 80,000 pax

Indore City Bus: Contributions Started in 2006 Lives saved due to Indore City Bus : 6.25 /year Hundreds of accidents avoided CO2 Reduced : ~5.5 ton/day 16% passenger mode-shift from private vehicles

But that was not enough!

What is the concept of BRTS… In accordance with the National Urban Transport Policy – 2006, the objective is to “moving people, not vehicles”

iBus: Project Basics Initiated • 2007 Length of route • 11.46 km Road section • 31.6 / 60 metres System type • Closed • Median stations Stations • 21 # of buses • 18 Type of bus • 12 m long with AC • 900 mm Semi Low Floor • 245 hp, BS III engine Completion • 31st March 2013 Operations • 10th May 2013 Ridership • 30,700 pax/day (avg)

Features of iBus Centralized Control Distinctive Image Large Buses with Wide Doors Stations with Prepayment and Level Boarding Segregated Median Bus-ways 10

However, all was not going well…

Media Coverage: Before Project Start

Most of it was because of lack of understanding on the project and facilities. Before it started…

System Branding

System Branding

Indore Approach: Public Outreach Launched and extensive outreach effort… Public presentations made Educational institutes Media General public

BRT will benefit ALL road users

Indore Approach: Public Outreach

Focus group tours, to educate the citizens…

Focus group tours, to educate the citizens…

Focus group tours, to educate the citizens…

Focus group tours, to educate the citizens…

iBus had a great start…

iBus had a great start…

Redefined public transport in Indore

iBus is an enabler…

The project surpassed all known benchmarks in public transport

Ridership Growth… 290% Increase in 4 months

Comparison with other cities… Earnings went up to Rs. 82/km

Comparison with other cities… Network Length Ridership On The System (Pax/km/day) Delhi Metro 8.5 km Janmarg Indore BRT 2,000 2,670 4,100 12.5 km 44 km 65 km 6,900 144 km 9,000 188 km 11,100 COST 230 cr/km 2,200 10 cr/km 15 cr/km

59.5% 25.3%

Now, recognised internationally…

However, this doesn’t seem to be enough!

Learning from experience…

What is Important? Having a plan A cohesive and comprehensive one Communicate the plan To stakeholders To general public Create a demo? Citizen support groups… it has to be peoples project

What is Important? Institution is essential Like a metro authority Support systems Having a knowledge partner: no ad-hoc decisions Industry participation Know where you started from… Record base conditions Segregate issues and communicate

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