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Published on January 10, 2008

Author: Regina1


Slide1:  Learning Areas Biology, Citizenship, Geography, Foreign Language Description Introduce students to Africa’s geography, cultural diversity, and current events. Unit includes 9 lessons and activities, which can be used in series over a term, as individual lessons to address specific topics, or in conjunction with the free, easy-to-use Tire Tracks education program. 9 - 14 year olds; but can be easily modified to fit 15-16 year olds To use a variety of approaches to learn about the African continent. Levels Objectives About Tire Tracks Through the Kids and Teachers websites, teachers worldwide are provided with rich, real, relevant and up to date teaching materials that not only help teach their students the basics, but also bring current events, real life application, and global perspective into the classroom. Tire Tracks KIDS website- Through an interactive, multi-media website, students can discover the sights, sounds and stories of 35 African countries as they follow an expedition team during a two year journey through the African continent. Students will have the opportunity to interact with the team, schools in Africa, and tens of thousands of participating classrooms from around the world, while also reinforcing concepts learned in a variety of subjects. Tire Tracks TEACHERS website - An integrated, but separate website provides teachers with high quality, modern content and teaching materials that link into this virtual journey, as well as gives them access to a worldwide teacher community. The online education program is a modular and highly flexible program that builds on core curriculum. Technology See individual lessons for technology requirements. Slide2:  Teacher Planning – UNIT OVERVIEW Lessons include the following key elements: Overview; Age range; Related subjects; Learning objective; Time; Materials; Activity; Plenary/Evaluation; Extensions. Where applicable: Background Information, Key Vocabulary, Teacher Input, Relevant Standards and Helpful Resources. Activities will also include relevant areas. The Introduction to Africa Unit includes the following: Lesson Elements Unit Breakdown Slide3:  Lesson Plans – DESCRIPTION & DOWNLOADS Slide4:  Lesson Plans – DESCRIPTION & DOWNLOADS (cont.) Slide5:  The Introduction to Africa Unit can be used as a stand alone unit, as individual lessons, or with the Tire Tracks program. Tire Tracks has real life, multi-media content (photos, stories, videos, sound clips, student and team Q&A) and background content on Africa and a variety of related topics that complements the Introduction to Africa Unit. Teachers are also provided with additional helpful information, and lessons that can be used to extend or complement this Unit. Suggested uses Teacher & Student Reflection How to Integrate into Your Classroom How to Use with Tire Tracks The Tire Tracks program is flexible and fits multiple teaching styles. Teachers can follow the program as it unfolds (in its entirety or only for specific lessons relevant to your curriculum) or since the program information is always archived and available, you can choose to use the content when it most relevant for your class. Re-occurring expeditions ensure there is live content continuously available. Teachers have chosen to use the program in many ways: enhance a subject/topics currently taught (geography, science) as a theme for a year group or for the entire school for an entire year as a topic for small groups, reading circles or clubs as a reinforcement activity for gifted or challenged students as a resource that can be used inside and outside of the classroom for special projects (monthly or term long) Useful tips, helpful links, advice and related discussion on how other teachers have used these lessons in their classroom and on student’s reactions can be found on the Tire Tracks Teachers website and Teacher community. Slide6:  Tire Tracks – Additional Information Further Reading Lesson Development Websites How to Sign Up More information on Tire Tracks: Teachers website: (sign up to receive log in) Kids website: (sign up to receive log in) The Tire Tracks program is co-developed by a dedicated team of over 60 teachers from 13 countries around the world, and is thoroughly evaluated by over tens of thousands of students. This approach ensures that the design, concepts and content have direct practical application and fit student and teacher needs. We acknowledge that modern day education is not static, but a continuously changing, ‘living organism’, and therefore continuously incorporate teacher and student feedback into regular updates of the program. To access the Kids & Teachers site, you need to sign up. It only takes a few minutes. Go to Select “Sign up for the education program” in the right hand side bar. Complete your details. You will receive an email when your account has been activated. This email will include your log for the Teachers site, and the log in details for you and your students for the Kids site.

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