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Published on February 11, 2008

Author: Riccardino

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Slide3:  * Coal quality continuing to deteriorate with higher ash content * * * Slide5:  As per norm, 1% increase in ash reduces the production capacity by 2.5% Slide6:  1 Higher coal consumption in order to effect the same degree of reduction 2 Lowering of ash fusion temperature thereby causing accretions and agglomerate formations in the kiln Decrease in reactivity of coal thereby necessitating higher kiln operating temperatures Decrease in iron yield Slide7:  Import of low ash coal – First shipload of 43,000 tonnes low ash (4 ½%) & high VM (40%) coal already received and transported to Tata Sponge Imported coal used sparingly, mixed with high ash Indian coals Initial inference is smoother operation with higher metallisation & higher throughput due to low ash content Due to high VM, high heat generation facilitates more steam production and consequently higher power generation in the 7.5 MW power plant attached to Kiln # 2 Preliminary estimate indicates higher priced imported coal more effective (price wise) compared with high ash content Indian coals Efforts are in progress to enter into a long term contract with the supplier of imported coal to avoid price increase in future Also exploring the possibility of acquiring a stake in a coal company abroad Slide9:  Coal & iron ore constitute 76% of the total cost of production Slide15:  Successful commissioning of a third kiln of 150,000 TPA capacity on 26th March 2006 With its implementation, total DRI capacity increased from 240,000 TPA to 390,000 TPA from 2006-07 Setting up of an 18.5 MW waste heat recovery system to increase the present power generation capacity to 26 MW which is likely to be commissioned in June 2006. Sale of surplus power will contribute additional revenue from 2006-07 onwards Slide16:  Whereas power projects were earlier economically justified taking the sale price of power at Rs 2.04 per KWH (net), latest offers from PTC indicate their willingness to purchase power at Rs 3.15 per KWH (net) thereby making investments in waste heat power plants very attractive Tata Sponge has been successful in registering with UN Executive board its waste heat recovery-based carbon credit power project as a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project to earn carbon credits by utilising waste heat of kiln gases With carbon now selling between 15-30 euros per tonne in the European market, Tata Sponge stands to benefit immensely from the sale of carbon units. For instance, a 7.5 MW power plant which cost Tata Sponge Rs 27.5 crore, is likely to earn more than Rs.30 crore in a 10 year period through sale of carbon credit This means that the capital invested in a waste heat power plant can be recovered through sale of carbon credit alone. Slide17:  Set up 3 additional kilns of 150,000 TPA capacity. The existing space also permits setting up of another kiln of equivalent capacity which could increase the total capacity to 1 million TPA. Set up power plants to utilise kiln heat to produce electrical power of upto 50 MW Install a fluidized bed boiler of 50 MW to produce power from char & coal fines Mechanised material handling operations by installing a tippler system at railway siding and stacker/reclaimer for handling raw materials at plant site Dumping of waste products and increased brick making facilities All the above will be subject to availability of funds. Slide18:  Set up coal mining facility at the coal block received by the company at Radhikapur (East) in the Mahanadi Coalfields Limited Install power generation facility of 100 MW at the pit head to use coal middlings Acquire iron ore mine for cost effectiveness Install steelmaking facility to produce 1.5 MTPA billets using the DRI - BF – EAF – Caster route All the above will be subject to availability of funds. Slide19:  Acquisition of coal block – a time bound programme (development of mines must be completed & production of coal must start in 42 months) Estimated mineable coal deposit : 115 million tonnes Strategically important for company’s profitability. Successful implementation is expected to bring down the cost of coal by Rs 1000/- a tonne Approx investment anticipated – Rs 400 crores (can be partly outsourced) Coal block will also facilitate installation of a fluidized bed boiler power plant of upto 100 MW capacity, to use middlings & rejects Jobs completed so far : Agreement with partners (SPS & SCAW), submission of affidavit to Government, bank guarantee of Rs 32 crores. In progress : Obtaining geological report from CMPDI, selection of parties for outsourcing preparing of mining plan & mining activities, selection of site office & appointment of key personnel Slide20:  5 applications have been filed with the State Government authorities for various deposits of mines available in the proximity of the company Many prerequisites limit the acquisition of iron ore mine which are linked with the steelmaking facility, such as minimum capacity of the steel project, its completion period, capital investment, basis for allocation of mine, etc Active follow up being made for early signature of a MoU with the Government of Orissa to accelerate iron ore mines acquisition process Slide22:  First prize in the quality competition organised by Indian Institute of Metals in the DR / rolling mills group for the years : 1995-96 1996-97 1999-2000 & 2002-03 Second prize in the above competition, for the year 1998-99 First prize in the quality competition organised by CII (Eastern Region), for the year 1998-99 Joint first prize in the TQM Award competition organised by CII (Eastern Region), for the year 2003-04 Slide23:  Best Value Creator Award (Runner-up) by the Outlook Money group for the year 2004, for facilitating wealth creation while protecting individuals' interests Slide24:  A total of 5 National Safety Awards from the Ministry of Human Resources, Government of India Another 8 State Safety Awards from the State Safety Committee, Government of Orissa Silver award from the GreenTech Foundation, a non-profitable NGO established to promote industrial safety and environment management in the country, for the year 2004 Best performance award in safety management by the Orissa State Safety Award Committee for the year 2004 Slide25:  First prize from The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI) under category II group companies for environment excellence for the year 2002-03 Environment excellence award for being one of the best managed companies under the metals sector, from Greentech Foundation, Delhi in its Platinum category in 2004-05 and in the Gold category in 2002-03 Got the same reward (Gold award) consecutively for the year 2003-04 Golden Peacock Award from Institute of Directors for Environment Excellence for the year 2004 in the iron & steel segment First prize in the SHE (Safety, Health & Environment) award competition organised by CII (Eastern Region) for the year 2003-04 Best performance award in environment management by the Orissa State Safety Award Committee for the year 2004 Slide26:  Shortlisted as one of the top 25 companies and honoured for "Excellence in Corporate Governance" in 2003 by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Shortlisted again for the same honour for the year 2004 and for 2005, by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Golden Peacock Winner’s Award for Corporate Social Responsibility for the year 2005.

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