Try Winter Cleaning This Year, Says Ecoline Windows

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Published on February 18, 2014

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When we’re shut in for the winter things seem to get a bit messier than the rest of the year. If you take action now, your house will be fresh and clean for spring. Ecoline Windows Has some ideas for where to get started.

Try  Winter  Cleaning  This  Year   By  Ecoline  Windows   February  18,  2014     Many  of  us  are  familiar  with  the  phrase   “Spring  Cleaning,”  but  when  warm   weather  finally  does  grace  us  with  its   presence  we  all  want  to  spend  our  time   outside,  rather  than  scrubbing  floors.   Changing  to  “Winter  Cleaning”  will  not   only  allow  you  to  enjoy  the  sun  as  soon   as  it  emerges,  but  it’s  also  a  great  way  to   beat  the  winter  blues.     Dusting  up  soot  and  grim  that   accumulates  from  our  long  indoor   habitation  can  make  your  house  smell  fresh  and  clean  and  almost  spring-­‐like.   Organizing  your  things  and  getting  rid  of  clutter  will  ease  your  mind  and  bring  a   sense  of  peace  into  your  life.  Another  great  advantage  is  the  workout  you’ll  get  from   cleaning  your  house!  Here  are  a  few  steps  to  take  to  effectively  clean  during  the   winter.     First,  clean  your  ceilings.  These  are  rarely  scrubbed  and  will  surely  need  it  in  the   kitchen  where  there  is  lots  of  build  up  from  cooking.  Use  a  small  amount  of  dish   soap  and  warm  water.  Just  use  enough  to  scrub  off  stains,  not  enough  water  to  drip.   Next,  clean  your  windows.  Using  a  small  amount  of  vinegar  in  the  mixture  will  really   make  them  shine.  This  will  get  off  any  residue  from  burning  candles  throughout  the   winter  months.     It  is  also  very  important  to  dust  in  the  winter  because  homes  are  so  warm  and  dry.   Make  sure  to  dust  every  surface;  this  includes  books,  light  fixtures,  overhead  ceiling   fans,  etc.  Dusting  will  brighten  up  your  house  and  reduce  allergens.     Deep  clean  floors  and  carpets.  With  all  the  slush  and  salt  that  comes  in  the  house  in   the  winter,  these  will  surely  need  some  work.  Get  a  steam  cleaner  for  the  carpets   and  scrub  the  floors.  Also,  to  avoid  more  mess  in  the  future,  keep  some  sort  of  tray   by  the  entryway  for  boots  and  shoes  that  have  been  out  in  the  elements.     Finally,  clean  your  furnace.  It  is  important  to  change  your  filter  once  a  month  and  to   keep  the  area  around  your  furnace  clean.  This  will  improve  air  quality  and  help  your   furnace  work  more  efficiently.    

With  these  tips  you’ll  be  sure  to  beat  the  winter  blues  and  enjoy  a  sparkling  clean   house  before  spring  arrives.     Founded  in  1999,  Ecoline  Windows  provides  easy,  worry-­‐free  window  replacement  to   customers  throughout  Edmonton,  Calgary,  and  Winnipeg.  All  Ecoline  windows  are   manufactured  in  Vaughan,  Ontario  and  are  designed  specifically  to  withstand  the   extreme  weather  of  the  harsh  prairie  climate.  Our  team  combines  a  knowledgeable   sales  force,  experienced  installation  crews,  and  a  supportive  customer  service  staff  to   deliver  the  best  results  in  the  business.  

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