"Trust is the New Currency" Webinar Slides by Chris Abraham

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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: chrisabraham

Source: slideshare.net


A selection of slides I put together for the webinar I am going to be participating in tomorrow: Trust is the New Currency: Innovative Models for Business Transactions -- the full description and registration is here: http://bit.ly/trustWebinar-3-11

Six out of ten U.S. consumers study a company’s reputation before buying a product or service, according to the 2013 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient. Reputation is everything with trust-based systems enabled by the Internet replacing traditional currency, such as an ad in the Yellow Pages, a magazine or on a billboard.

Take Amazon, for example, which beat Apple, Google, Walt Disney, and Johnson & Johnson as the most trusted company in the U.S. in the Harris Poll. It remains the leading online retailer with a reputation for security, an endless inventory, and effortless shipping and return. Plus, it has a truly groundbreaking recommendation system. The other top companies have similar strengths, but the emotional bond Amazon builds with its customers when their box arrives seals the deal.

If you want to make deposits in your brand bank that build a solid reputation, you shouldn't miss this webinar. Join our panelists and us as we discuss:

-- Building trust with simpler contracts, less transaction complexity, lower costs, and value-added content creation.
-- The benefits of instituting a rating system with your customers.
-- How to shift from controlling your social message to striving to be the best.
-- Putting the client experience ahead of profits.

SEO Copywriting • Write (mostly) for robots – Humans only visit sometimes (minutes if you’re lucky) – Spiders and bots are visiting constantly – (Your editor will probably want to kill you) • Avoid pronouns at all cost – Google doesn’t want to waste its time sorting out who he, she, it are – Names, places, brands, spelled-out • Chris Abraham, SocialMediaToday, Gerris, etc. Keyword-Linking – Be sure to use keyword phrase text links to stitch your own properties together – Use those text links to stitch together the sites themselves • Google treats each page uniquely so define the relationships • Visualize a flotilla of boats tied together (with links) into one platform @chrisabraham

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Profile Squatting Squatting’s No Longer a Dirty Word • Brand Consistency Across all Platforms – For my personal brand, I have @chrisabraham everywhere – For Gerr.is, I have a mixed bag: @gerris, @gerriscorp, @gerrisdigital – The domain gerris.com is available for $4,088.00 – worth it? Maybe – Keep prospecting – and squatting – on the Next Big Thing • Talk to Google, Twitter and Facebook – I have been able to secure dozens of Twitter handles and Facebook & Google+ vanity URLs from respective account reps • If the handle is abandoned or if you have brand control, they’ll release it • KnowEm (www.knowem.com) – Spend between $84.95 and $649 to have someone else squat all your profiles – Give them a bio, description, bio, and photo and they’ll register them – And when they’re done, they’ll hand you the keys (login, pass, etc) @chrisabraham

Your First Born to Google Google Will Reward Your Honesty a Thousand-Fold • Join AdWords, even if you don't plan to advertise • Join AdSense, even if you don't plan to host ads on your website • Join Google Webmaster tools and add and verify all of your sites • Join Google Analytics and fully implement tracking software on all the sites you have access to • Be sure to register for Google+ • Fill out everything about yourself, especially everything Google asks your Google Account page -- everything, don't be shy or try to rush through it • Make sure you connect all of your blogs, published and social accounts at Google Connected Accounts • Head over to Google Authorship to make sure you're on your way to becoming completely G-Verified • If you're especially canny, you can take the bold step of submitting your blogs to Google to be considered as a news source for Google News @chrisabraham

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