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Published on June 4, 2010

Author: macdonaldtomw


Climate Change Impacts and Adaptations: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptations 902.420.6597 March 16 th , 2010 Photo source: National Geographic NSAC Energy Week Truro, NS presented by Tom MacDonald PowerPoint Presentation: Source: Marcel Shulze PowerPoint Presentation: Source: Dale Wilson PowerPoint Presentation: From Natural Resources Canada, 2006 Global Climate Change: Global Climate Change Oceans rising by 3 cm (1.2“) per decade 1 1) Source: IPCC Assessment Report 4, 2007 1) Global Humanitarian Forum, 2009 Over 315,000 people currently die from the effects climate change every year 2 World temperature rising at a rate of 0.1-0.16 ˚C per decade 1 PowerPoint Presentation: 2) Rahmstorf , 2009 1) Source: IPCC AR4, 2007 3) Hansen, 2008 If CO 2 concentrations stay above 350 ppm ,we will lose control of climate change 3 Global temperatures will rise between 0.9 – 6.4˚C by 2100, depending on emission scenario 1 Global sea level rise of 0.5 - 1.4 metres by 2100 2 Climate change will most likely continue to happen at an accelerated pace for centuries 2 The Future Sea Level Rise In Minas Basin: Sea Level Rise In Minas Basin Source: Natural Resource Canada (2007) Source: Source: Hurricane Bill Nova Scotia Aug. 23, 2009 More Frequent and Severe Storms : Source: _2004.htm White Juan Halifax Feb. 19, 2004 EXTREME PRECIPITATION FLOODING: Source: Nicholas Lazier Spring Runoff Truro April, 2003 FLOODING Source: Google Street View Normal Conditions Truro : Source: STORM SURGES Hurricane Bill Western Head Causeway Liverpool, NS : Hurricane Juan Halifax Sept. 2003 Source: DAMAGE TO DOCKS Over the last 10 years, Nova Scotians have claimed $3.3 million in storm surge damages from the federally run Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements Program : Source: Thane Kennedy Hurricane Juan Prince Edward Island Sept, 2003 DAMAGE TO SHIPS PowerPoint Presentation: Source: Paul Richard, Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Spring Flooding Highway 101 April, 2003 ROAD WASHOUTS PowerPoint Presentation: CHANGES TO FORESTRY Image source: Ecology Action Centre PowerPoint Presentation: CHANGES TO FARMING Source: PowerPoint Presentation: Water Issues Source: : Source: MIGRATION CHANGES PowerPoint Presentation: Boiling Frog Scenario What can we do?: What can we do? Mitigation: Slow down the rate of climate change, so we have more time to get ready for its effects Adaptation: “Making adjustments in our decisions, activities, and thinking because of observed or expected changes in climate, in order to moderate harm or take advantage of new opportunities.” - Natural Resources Canada Mitigation: Mitigation Climate is influenced by the ATMOSPHERE and the GREENHOUSE GASES (GHG) that are floating within it Changes to our ATMOSPHERE (or GHG levels) Changes in our CLIMATE = This is known as the Greenhouse Effect Changing Our Ways: Changing Our Ways 1) Source: Environment Canada On a provincial basis, Nova Scotia is the 4 th highest emitter of GHG’s per capita! 1 Reducing your GHG emissions: Use less electricity Buy less stuff Be smarter when it comes to transportation Eat smarter: more local, less meat Use less water : Renewable Energy Adaptation: Adaptation PowerPoint Presentation: Types of adaptation measures that can be implemented for a storm surge event Types of Adaptation Agriculture Adaptation: Agriculture Adaptation 2040 – 2069 in Atlantic Canada 1 Grain Corn 54% increase in yield Soybean 29% increase in yield Barley 8-12% decrease in yield Bootsma , Gameda , McKenney (2004) Bootsma , Gameda , McKenney (2004) Spring cereal crops relatively unaffected 2 Dry spots likely to get drier, wet wetter 2 Need more research on pest, disease, crop lodging, and harvest loss factors 2 Adapting to Climate Change: Adapting to Climate Change Plan early Act not react Less expensive to adapt NOW rather than react later Be strategic Work together Build adaptation practices into existing action processes : You can be Successful at Adapting (Examples of Successful Adaptations) : Source: BUILDING TECHNIQUES PowerPoint Presentation: Emergency Response : AGRICULTURE PowerPoint Presentation: Source: FORESTRY : PROTECTING WILDLIFE Source: PowerPoint Presentation: Where to buy/build a house? What is my community doing? Key roads at risk? What about the water supply? What about conservation areas? What is the emergency plan? Source: : Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead For More Information Contact:: For More Information Contact: Climate Change Centre Clean Nova Scotia (P) 902.420.6597 e-mail Web:

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