TRUE STORY - Ex Policeman pays 55,000 pounds Tax!

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Information about TRUE STORY - Ex Policeman pays 55,000 pounds Tax!

Published on March 13, 2014

Author: subedarn


Description This is Billy Blackman (not his real name).
About 13 years ago Billy, his wife and two children were living in a not so salubrious area of a city in the North East. There were rumours that if you’d left a skate-board unattended you’d find it up on bricks with the wheels missing!
Billy lived in a very modest house and owned a clapped-out car. Billy was a copper & enjoyed his work. But Billy remembers that in 2004 he only had £10 to last 17 days before he got paid again.
Then Billy lost his job because of ill health. That was the wake-up call and Billy was glad he had already started a part-time business which he now had to concentrate on to earn a living.
That was then and now Billy doesn’t have any money worries because his business is growing daily.
The Company he joined 13 years ago has gone from strength to strength & in the process Billy has got wealthier. So much so that Billy has to pay £55,000 Corporation Tax for his last year’s earnings! That’s much more than the average policeman’s annual salary.
The business that Billy is in is open to anyone – you could be the next Billy!
Finally, Billy’s story is not the only success. There are others –watch out for some more True Story videos.

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