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Published on October 18, 2016

Author: layfield_barrett


1. Truck Accident An accident with a tractor-trailer or even a semi-truck can be devastating, causing tremendous damage to victims physically, psychologically and financially. With the potential to cause catastrophic personal injury and death, truck accidents can leave victims and their families struggling to cope with overwhelming grief, confusion and anxiety. Our tractor-trailer and semi-truck accident lawyers have years of expertise in filing successful tractor-trailer accident lawsuits and semi-truck accident claims. Looking for the Best Truck Accident Lawyer? Experts in auto accidents, our team of experienced truck accident lawyers is available 24/7 to provide you with skilled, sensitive counsel, and will invest heavily in your case to make sure you are fairly compensated. We provide:  Expert legal guidance regarding all aspects of your truck accident lawsuit  Detail-oriented investigations of the accident  Satisfactory truck accident compensation that will help you rebuild your life  Qualified medical professionals on lien  Regular and responsive communication  Dedicated legal representation in and out of court  Contingency fee arrangements so that you don’t have to pay unless we win  And many other services. Determining Truck Accident Causes and Responsibility Because of its sheer size and weight, coupled with speed, there are many factors that could cause the truck to rollover, or collide with other trucks, passenger vehicles, pedestrians or stationary objects. Depending on what caused the accident, our truck accident attorneys will determine who will be held liable for your injuries. The causes can be attributed to the truck driver’s negligence and trucking company:  Fatigue and stress due to long hours  Speeding due to strict imposition of delivery deadlines  Jackknifing due to reckless braking or turning  Highway hypnosis  Substance abuse  Distracted driving  Negligence in inspections and maintenance

2.  Improper loading of cargo In the past, truck manufacturers have also been held responsible for:  Manufacturing defects  Improper repairs In some cases, other vehicle drivers may be to blame for:  Distracted or drunk driving  Tailgating  Speeding  Reckless overtaking The local, state or federal government entities may also be held liable for:  Poor road design and construction  Improper maintenance of roads and highways  Failure to install cautionary systems that could prevent an accident, for e.g.: traffic lights, street lights, or speed limits, and protect against extreme weather conditions Determining Truck Accident Liability in Your Claim If you are seeking justice for a truck wreck, it is crucial to be represented by an experienced, competent truck accident lawyer. Layfield & Barrett’s truck accident attorneys have a nuanced understanding of the factors that determine negligence in truck accident cases, and know how to build a compelling, evidence-based case in your favor. Some of the factors that our team of top truck accident lawyers will take into account are:  State and federal traffic and trucking laws that impact your claim  Whether the responsibilities of the truck driver to ensure road safety were fulfilled  Whether the breach of those responsibilities resulted in your injuries  Whether any other agencies share responsibility for the accident like the trucking, loading or maintenance and parts companies We do this by collecting compelling evidence during our independent investigations, conducted by our team of practiced litigators, expert paralegals, seasoned investigators and medical professionals. This includes:

3.  Photographs and videos of the incident  Witness statements  Accident and police reports  Medical and auto expert opinions  Truck maintenance records  Truck driver’s logs  Manufacturing defects  Violations of trucking laws  History of accidents, lawsuits or convictions Our Truck Accident Lawsuit Process Being a truck accident victim can be immensely traumatic, and that is why our truck accident lawyers take an aggressive approach toward making sure that your best interests are always protected. We’ve seen how a strong claim can help you get justice, relief, and the strength to reclaim your life. Our process entails:  Thorough investigation of the incident and collection of evidence proving liability against those responsible  Filing a claim against the responsible parties or their insurance companies  Negotiation of a just truck accident settlement that considers all your damages  Litigation of your truck accident lawsuit in court in case the settlement is not enough Compensation Recovered in Truck Accident Cases If you – or someone you know – were involved in a truck wreck caused by someone else’s negligence, our truck accident lawyers can help you get justice and fair compensation for your losses. We have years of experience in winning truck accident claims worth millions of dollars, and are committed to helping you get the settlement you deserve too. Our truck accident lawyers ensure your settlement considers:  Medical and therapy bills – past, current and future  Lost income  Cost of repairs or replacement of property  Physical pains and suffering  Psychological trauma  Loss of consortium and funeral costs in cases of truck accident death

4.  Punitive damages in cases of malicious or fraudulent intent Speak with a Truck Accident Lawyer for Free Our team of some of the best truck accident attorneys is available 24/7 to provide you with skilled, and sensitive counsel, and will invest heavily in your case to make sure you are fairly compensated. If you need a truck accident lawyer, call us on 855-880-8335 or submit our easy online form, and we’ll schedule your 100% free, no-obligation case consultation today. Source:

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