Trojan Computer Virus

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Information about Trojan Computer Virus

Published on November 7, 2016

Author: JerryBloom11


1. Trojan Computer Virus

2. A Trojan is a computer program malicious in nature which is used to infect the targeted computer system while causing malicious activities on it. Normally such programs are used for the purpose of stealing the personal information, distributing other viruses or just for disturbing the performance of the computer. Along with that hackers can also use them to get unauthorized remote access to one such vulnerable system thus infecting files and harming the system.

3. How Does Trojan Enter Your System? There is certain type of Trojans which can spread on their own and infect the system of the user. There are five main rules through which the Trojans enter the system. ● Trojans are spread through emails, online chats, file sharing networks in the form of instant messages, links in emails, attachments or the additions of peer to peer applications. ● Some Trojans enter the system through the vulnerabilities of the internet browser. The creators of such malware run suspicious websites filled with malicious codes. ● Sometimes the Trojans may get installed via some other parasite. They may enter the computer of the user suspiciously without the consent of the user.

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