Trinidad Play DC Playground Community Meeting (Feb. 18, 2014)

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Information about Trinidad Play DC Playground Community Meeting (Feb. 18, 2014)
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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: dgscomm


Department  of  Parks  and  Recrea6on   Department  of  General  Services   Providing  the  District’s  children  and  adults  with  exci6ng,  innova6ve,     and  inclusive  play  spaces.  

Mee#ng  Agenda     1.  Project  Overview   a.  What  is  Play  DC  and  Why  is  it  Important?   b.  What  is  a  “Play  Space”?   2.  Budget   3.  Timeline/Schedule   4.  Your  Say  in  DC  Play   a.  Your  Current  Playground   b.  Your  Neighborhood   c.  Your  Vision     5.  Ques6ons,  Wrap-­‐up  and  Next  Steps   a.  Next  mee6ng  date  &  6me                                

  What  is  “Play  DC”?   Mayor  Vincent  C.  Gray  announced  a  new  and  exci6ng  playground   renova6on  project,  the  largest  in  the  City’s  history.       Vision:  “Play  DC,  is  a  mul--­‐year  effort  to  provide  the  District’s  youth  and   adults  with  exci-ng,  innova-ve,  and  inclusive  play  spaces.”     Why  is  this  important?       DPR  currently  has  just  over  80  playgrounds,  32  of  which  are  slated  for  renova6on  as  part  of   the  first  phase  of  Play  DC.      Eight  new  playgrounds  have  been  selected  to  receive  renova6ons   as  part  of  Phase  Two  of  Play  DC.         •  •  •  •  •  •    Provide  safe  playgrounds  for  children  living  in  and  visi6ng  the  District.   Ensure  playgrounds  are  accessible  and  inclusive  for  children  and  care   givers.   Increase  health  and  wellness  through  natural  and  adventure  play.   Foster  community  support  for  a  well-­‐loved  playground.   Improve  our  built  environment  by  being  be_er  stewards  of  our  land.     Encourage  volunteerism  and  partnerships  at  playgrounds.      

  •  •  •  •              What  is  a  Play  Space?   It’s  not  just  your  typical  playground.   It’s  mul6-­‐genera6onal  –  kids,  teens,  families,  adults,  seniors!!!   Play  is  for  all  abili6es.   Play  goes  beyond  tradi6onal  playgrounds  with  a  focus  on  innova6on  and   imagina6on,  and  provides  opportuni6es  for  mul6ple  different   experiences  in  the  same  space.   MOVE  -­‐  a  place  to  explore  different  types  of  play,  with  a  focus  on  ranges  of  ac6vity     GROW  -­‐  ranges  of  experiences  and  learning     BE  GREEN  -­‐  opportuni6es  to  experience  the  natural  world                

CASE  STUDY  –  Banneker  (2500  Georgia  Ave  NW)   E   RORE   EFBEF B O

CASE  STUDY  –  Banneker  (2500  Georgia  Ave  NW)   TER   AF

CASE  STUDY  –  Takoma  Park    (300  Van  Buren  Ave,  NW)   E F OR BE  

CASE  STUDY  –  Takoma  Park    (300  Van  Buren  St,  NW)   TER   AF

Ideas  for  Your  Play  Spaces   New   ac6vi6es   Themed  Play   Skate  spot   Imagina6ve  Play   Comm.  Gardens   Outdoor  Fitness   Water  Play  

  Trinidad  Play  Area                                        

Trinidad  Exis#ng  Condi#ons             Broken/missing  pieces                   ADA  access/tripping  hazards           Graffi6           Drainage  &  site  naviga6on  

Timeline/Schedule   Design  Mee#ng   Visioning  mee6ng  to   determine  community   needs   Concept  Design   Concept  designs  are   presented  to  the   community  for  input   (March  2014)   (Spring  2014)   (Feb  2014)   Procurement   DPR  and  DGS  chose   designers  and  A/E   through  RFP  Process     (Jan-­‐Feb  2014)   Procurement   DGS  procures  design/ build  team  to  construct   the  vision.   Construc#on   and  Play   Space   completed   (Summer/Fall   2014)   Pre-­‐Construc#on   DPR  and  DGS  host   another  community   mee6ng  to  prepare  for   construc6on.   (Spring/Summer  2014)  

Community  Input   Common  Ameni6es  for  Every  Play  Space           Sea6ng   Landscaping                   Water  Fountains             Ligh6ng   Li_er  Cans   Fencing   Game  tables   Shade     ADA  Accessibility  

Your  Say  in  DC  Play     Priori6es?   What  do  you  like?   What  needs  to  change?     What’s  new  in  your  neighborhood?   Who  do  you  see  there?   Who  isn’t  there?   What  do  you  want  to  do  in  the  space?                          

Your  Say  in  DC  Play   •    Next  Mee6ng  –  Thursday,  March  6,   2014  –  6:30-­‐8:30pm   •  Survey  Monkey  (open  un6l   midnight  on  February  23rd):     h_ps:// TrinidadPlayDC   •  Email:   •  Project  Website:     h_p://­‐dc-­‐ trinidad-­‐playground-­‐renova6on                Website:     Follow  us  on  Twi_er  and  Facebook       h_p://     h_p://     Follow  the  conversa6on  using     #playdc     h_p://     h_p://                            Property  Improvements        

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