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Published on January 12, 2009

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The Century Health Study will compare outcomes over a five year follow-up of patients randomized to either PET guided treatment and intense lifestyle-pharmacologic management or Standard Care guided by conventional SPECT imaging. Our goal is to demonstrate that definitive accurate non-invasive perfusion imaging is a reliable guide to invasive procedures integrated with intense lifestyle support and pharmacologic treatment to LDL and HDL goals in clinical practice.

What are the benefits? Weatherhead PET Center Physicians and Staff Simple measures such as healthy eating and physical fitness markedly reduce heart attacks. We believe that a comprehensive program supporting healthy lifestyle in addition to careful medications will be more effective than standard infrequent instructions on preven- tion. You could benefit from this trial by receiv- ing free electrocardiograms, exercise treadmill Stefano Sdringola MD K. Lance Gould MD stress tests, diet evaluations, clinic visits, and a complete cholesterol profile. The results of these tests will be given to you and your pri- mary care physician. This study also could benefit society by proving more efficient, cost-effective ways of diagnosing and treating coronary heart dis- ease. Your taking part in this study may help other people with risk factors, or with heart disease get better care and hopefully attain a century of well being. Mary Haynie RN MBA Catey Carter RN For questions or to speak with one of our physicians or staff, call: Century Study Hotline 713-500-5200 Weatherhead PET Imaging Center 713-500-6611

What is the Century Health Study? What will I have to do in the study? The comprehensive Therapy Program is to support, not substitute for the care provided The University of Texas Medical School If you have been referred for a nuclear stress by your doctor. and Memorial Hermann Hospital are col- test (SPECT) and agree to participate in this laborating on advanced heart treatment in the study, you will sign a consent form and have What causes heart attack? CENTURY Health Study. If your doctor has your stress SPECT test done. Then you will ordered a nuclear scan stress test because you be scheduled for a PET test at no cost to you In coronary heart disease, cholesterol is have coronary heart disease, or are at risk for and will be randomized (have a 50/50 chance) deposited in walls of coronary arteries due to it, you may be eligible to participate. to be in one of the following groups: family history of heart disease, abnormal cho- The purpose of this study is to compare lesterol or blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, Standard Nuclear Stress Test and Therapy current standard therapy for coronary heart excess weight and high fat food. disease (medications, invasive procedures, and You will continue with standard medical In most patients, the first sign is sudden regular doctor visits) guided by the conven- care as outlined by your physician including heart attack or death due to the cholesterol tional nuclear stress test (SPECT) with an any recommendations for treatment based on plaque in the wall of the artery suddenly advanced comprehensive therapy program the results of the SPECT scan only. In addi- rupturing or breaking loose. On contact with (medications, procedures as needed, with tion, you will be seen by the research study underlying tissue, blood in the artery clots coaching on healthy lifestyle) guided by a personnel once a year for the five years of the or forms a thrombosis that blocks the artery, newer stress test called positron emission to- study. These visits will be at no charge to you thereby causing the heart attack. mography (PET). (we pay parking) and will include labwork Removing the cholesterol deposit from the Eligible patients must be over the age of 40. with basic chemistry, cholesterol levels and wall of the artery by intense medical manage- review of your diet and exercise. At each visit, ment reduces the risk of plaque rupture and the nurse will review your health status, medi- heart attack. CHOLESTEROL, PET of the Heart HEART ATTACK AND cations, weight and blood pressure. REVERSAL TREATMENT PET Guided Comprehensive Therapy You will meet with a cardiologist after your PET scan for an explanation of your results. You will be followed closely by the Diffuse CENTURY STUDY team with clinic visits Cholesterol at month 1, 2, 4, 8 and 12 of the first year Plaque and then every 6 months thereafter in addi- Rupture tion to seeing your regular doctor. At each visit, a nurse will review your current health Cholesterol Plaque status, medications and measure weight, blood pressure, and percent body fat. You will have Thrombosis a physical exam, see a cardiologist, a dietician and an exercise specialist. At some visits, blood tests for chemistry and cholesterol levels may be drawn. These visits, testing and lab work Positron Emission Tomography (PET) of are free, at no cost to you. Stabilization by Heart Reversal Treatment early-reduced blood flow in the heart. Attack

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