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Published on June 16, 2009

Author: brandmilitia



This our standard presentation for helping executive teams understand the rise and influence of social media. We discuss the conditions that created social media, various tools, then dive in to the 4 C's of successful social media implementaiton - Culture, Content, Conversations, and Conversions. Available as a keynote or a workshop.

The 4 Cs of Social Media Presented by Justin Foster

Why listen to us? • Tricycle helps organizations define and communicate their ideas. • Worked with large corporations like Fred Meyer to personal brands like Troy McClain. • Over 250 presentations from Payette to Malaysia. • Early pioneers of social media in Idaho. • Over 10,000 connections in the social space.

The Perfect Storm • Commoditization • Fragmentation • Access to technology • Rise of Personal Brands

Meet Gen Y • Connected • Multi-tasking • Influential • 24/7 Brand

What is Social Media?

The Evolution 1. Forums and message boards 2. Chat rooms and IM 3. Commenting 4. Blogs 5. Social networking 6. Twitter

Heard of these? • WordPress • Blogger • MySpace • Facebook • LinkedIn • Twitter • Digg • StumbleUpon • Delicious • FriendFeed • Diigo • Jott • Skype • Ning

Startling Statistics • 276% growth in 35-54 year old Facebook users. • 104 Million people on Facebook. • Feb 09 to April 09: 3 mill to 17 mill Twitter members • 1 billion page views of Twitter. • Average age on Facebook is 37. • Average age on Twitter is 42. • Fastest growing segment is women over 55.

Tricycle’s 5 Rules of Social Media 1. Social first; media second. 2. Person first; corporation second. 3. Keep it real. 4. Farming, not hunting. 5. There is no “kiddy pool”

The 4 Cs • Culture • Content • Conversations • Conversions

CULTURE • Social media is not a Magic Pill • Must have a “social” brand. • Authenticity • Transparency • Accountability

CONTENT • Tell stories. • Distribute responsibility. • Be consistent. • 80/20 rule

CONVERSATIONS • Signals v Noise • Be interesting • 3 ways to participate • Create multiple touch-points within your brand.

CONVERSIONS • Conversations create relationships which create transactions. • Farming, not hunting. • Build the “pipes”. • Social media-only promotions

Getting Started • Don’t over-think it. • The tools are easy. Really. • You are interesting. • Manage your time. • Be patient.

Must Haves • Personal & Company blog • Facebook personal profiles. • Facebook company profile and/or fan page. • Twitter

Branding & Social Media 1. Go back to your roots 2. Strip out the BS 3. Deputize everyone 4. Be social 5. Own the experience

Open Discussion >> Definitions and terms? >> How something applies to you? >> Other trends? >> Additional comments and questions

THANK YOU! for more information. @brandmilitia & @johnhardesty on Twitter Join our Facebook Fan Page!

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