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Information about Triangles and Parallelograms - video

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: mathwithflisak


PowerPoint Presentation: Triangle and Parallelogram Areas By the way how can this be true? PowerPoint Presentation: Math Skills & Tools In the Class Work section of your binder: Add some skills and tools that you can later use to solve any math problem! PowerPoint Presentation: b (base) h (height) Where Does the Formula Come From? PowerPoint Presentation: Parallelogram Area base height A = b*h PowerPoint Presentation: Parallelogram Area base A = b*h height height leg PowerPoint Presentation: Where’s the Height? base A = b*h base base base base PowerPoint Presentation: b h bh PowerPoint Presentation: b h Where Does the Formula Come From? b h PowerPoint Presentation: Example 19.6 m. 12.3 m. 10.9 m. A = b*h A =(19.6)(10.9) A = 213.64 m 2 P = 2b + 2L P =2(19.6)+2(12.3) P = 63.8 m PowerPoint Presentation: Triangle Area PowerPoint Presentation: Triangle Area A = b*h ½ the area 2 = ½ b*h ½ the area base height PowerPoint Presentation: Triangle Area base A = ½ b*h height height PowerPoint Presentation: b h ½ bh b h b h PowerPoint Presentation: b h Where Does the Formula Come From? b h b h b h ½ area ½ area PowerPoint Presentation: Example 12 in. 9.4 in. 7 in. A = ½ b*h A = ½ (9.4)(7) A = 32.9 in 2 10.8 in.

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