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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: Wunderman



Chris McLaren, Director, Strategy | Wunderman Minneapolis, February 2014.

McLaren presented concepts and a strategic framework for consistently delivering on-brand, effective social content via branded channels.

Trends in Relevant & Engaging Content Chris McLaren Director, Strategy | Wunderman February 2014




Throughout history, people have gathered – to tell stories, to get information from people they trust, to debate politics, to learn the latest gossip, to share ideas, To be SOCIAL.

As people have evolved, so has the way we share

72% of all adults are on an online social network Source: Pew Research 2013

70% of 90% of consumers trust a stranger’s opinion online consumers trust recommendations from peers 14% trust advertising Source: Socialnomics 2012

People trust other people. Not brands.


Brands can gain trust on social networks.

There are a few fundamental reasons why people watch, read, and share INFORMATION ENTERTAINMENT CAMARADERIE ASSURANCE TRUST

The content most talked about and shared fits one (or more) of these reasons ENTERTAINMENT ASSURANCE INFORMATION CAMARADERIE ENTERTAINMENT

For brands to win trust, there are two things to keep in mind: CONTENT CONTEXT (the stuff you’re sharing) (where, when and how you’re sharing it)

It all falls into these two buckets CONTENT CONTEXT What makes sense for my brand to bring to the conversation? How do I get people to let me in? Is this useful? Entertaining? Is this the right place to share this message? Informative? Will my audience care about this? Does this matter to people? How are people using this platform? Can I use it the same way? Is this something people are talking about right now?


CONTENT + CONTEXT Brand: Toyota Platform: Facebook When: January 2010 Toyota took to its social networks during a time of crisis in 2010, when there were massive problems with sticking accelerators. Through this platform they were able to quickly answer customer concerns, quash rumors, and maintain / regain customer trust.

CONTENT + CONTEXT Brand: Juicy Couture Platform: Snapchat When: NYFW October 2013 In the wake of NYFW Juicy Couture decided to bring fans behind the scenes through a medium as ephemeral as fashion itself. They took advantage of the of Snapchat stories to give what can only be described as a true peek at the making of a fashion campaign.

CONTENT + CONTEXT Brand: Oreo Platform: Twitter When: Super Bowl 2013 When the lights when out at the Super Dome during Super Bowl XLVII, Oreo’s social team responded within minutes with a quick and witty post that perfectly captured the moment.

CONTENT + CONTEXT Brand: Human Rights Campaign Platform: Facebook When: Early 2013 When America was talking about Proposition 8 and in the days leading up to the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, the Human Rights Campaign changed their logo on their Facebook page – and asked supporters to do the same. The original photo was seen over 9M times and shared by over 70K people.

CONTENT + CONTEXT Brand: Ben & Jerry’s Platform: Twitter When: January 2, 2014 On the day that marijuana became legal to buy and sell in Colorado, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream sent out a funny, on brand tweet that tipped its hat to the new law without outwardly endorsing or even mentioning the drug.

Land Rover USA touches over 3 million people regularly via social media Confidential | 22

Facebook fan volume surpassed BMW USA in May 2013 and passed 1.5MM fans in early January 2014 Surpassed 1MM fans Surpassed BMW USA on 4/3/13 Land Rover USA and Range Rover USA page merge de-dupe Source: Facebook; data through 12.31.13 Confidential | 23

CONTENT: EVERY BRAND HAS A UNIQUE VOICE Make sure content exemplifies that voice

Content: Visual storytelling and locally relevant content drives engagement Visual storytelling is still our focus. A study conducted by ROI Research revealed 44% of respondents are more likely to engage with brands if they post pictures than any other media. • Fans and followers respond to visual content on Facebook at a higher rate than any other post with a typical average of +5K likes/post. • Instagram is proving to be a strong channel for the brand with almost 45,000 followers, grown organically, over 1100% since last year. Confidential | 25

Impact of two-way conversation • Ownership • Adventure • Everyday • Performance • Heritage • Approval • Shopping We respond Growth • Followers • Engagement • Handraisers Fans talk to us Emotional connection • Tweets • Retweets • Favorites • Posts • Likes • Ownership pride • Enthusiasm • Confidence • Aspiration to own

Land Rover voice in responses We are a • Worldly, well traveled peer • Refined, understated “gentleman” We speak with • Royal “We” • British wit • Bemused fondness • Brisk confidence We are not • • • • Condescending Snippy Conceited Easily impressed

Ownership Then we’re in agreement. We do hope you enjoy the drive #LRowner. We have it on good authority that your #RangeRover loves you too. Best to show it how much by signing up for a lesson in off-roading: LINK to Owner’s Day

Adventure We hope you didn’t encounter any rogue bison during your trek. Thanks for taking your #LR4 out for a bit of light exercise. #lr4x4 You were in good company: LINK to LR Expedition America video #LRExpeditionAmerica

Everyday But which tracks in less mud? Both unrivaled models, in their own class. Does Fido return the sentiment, or is Disco first in his eyes? #offroad

Performance The only surprise here is that, in 17 years, you’ve resisted driving it further. #LRowner A significant milestone. With all those 0’s, how could it not be a classic? #performance

Heritage Surely you’re not taking the horses for a swim with that snorkel?

Approval If you like it parked, you should see what the #RangeRoverEvoque can do while in motion. You really should see it from other angles: LINK to Saunak RRE Tumblr We love it, too.

Benchmark competitors & plan to outperform Audi Ford Ford Service 5-10 responses per day 5> responses per month 40+ responses per day Answer CRC Answer product questions Twice monthly Q&A with engineers, marketing team Dedicated to CRC Refer to “colleagues @AudiUK” Use emoticons, abbreviations Staff sign each tweet with initials Sarcastic, familiar language Casual language Very informal language





Performance TLR Feedback: Mention ‘Tread Lightly,’ be wary of encouraging environmental damage


The Shopper • Establish repertoire with potential buyers using social to research a purchase • Use their social channels to determine vehicle interest • CTA to a specific nameplate on our YouTube channel • Continue to engage (schedule a test drive, sign up for newsletter)

The inquiry turns into a test drive

CONTEXT: EVERY CHANNEL HAS A UNIQUE PURPOSE Make sure content fits the channel

Facebook Founded in 2004, Facebook is the world’s largest social network with over 1 billion (Yes, billion. With a b) users globally and over 50 million pages. According to a study from Socially Stacked, 35% of Facebook fans like a page so they can participate in a contest and 42% of fans like a page to get a coupon or a discount. This means our Facebook friends are expecting to get something from us. Instagram Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media networks, with over 100 million monthly active users, posting more than 40 million photos per day. Instagram users share everything from travel photography to pictures of food, the quality of images ranges from professional to amateurish, and photos are often shared quasi-anonymously by users with no specific first or last name or contact information. Instagram is a mobile-based photo-sharing social network that is a great way to give customers a behindthe-scenes look at your brand. To make them feel like they are part of the team. Twitter Twitter is a microblogging (where people post very short updates, typically, but not always, by mobile phone) service that allows users to connect with other people who share their same interests. At its core, Twitter is about real-time communication and connection, which makes it a useful and effective customer service channel. YouTube YouTube, owned by Google, is a video platform where more than 6 billion hours of video are watched each month – that's almost an hour for every person on Earth. According to Nielsen, a leading consumer research company, YouTube reaches more U.S. adults between the ages of 18 and 34 than any cable network. That’s a lot of videos viewed by a lot of people. Sure, we’re all familiar with the “viral video.” But YouTube has a lot of “serious” content as well, including in-depth software tutorials, do-it-yourself home repair videos, and even full-length independent documentaries.

Google+ Google’s social network. Any registered user of Google products (Gmail, YouTube, etc.) has, by default, a Google+ account. Google+ lets users put friends and contacts in “circles” – a “circle” of close friends, another for family, yet another for co-workers, celebrities, or brands they want to follow - and share out different types of things to those different circles. While Google+ doesn’t have the critical mass of Facebook, it is popular with certain groups – professional photographers, for instance, flock to it – so for some it is a valuable part of their social networking lives. Tumblr LinkedIn LinkedIn, launched in 2003, is a professional networking platform with more than 230 million members worldwide, and growing fast, with more than 50 people joining every minute. LinkedIn lets users complete resume-like profiles, with work history, education, skills and professional organizations they belong to. There are user groups around specific industries and business concepts, and recently the site added news items and sharing functionality, with a professional / business focus. Recruiters use LinkedIn, and users can follow companies they may be interested in working for, and identify contacts that might introduce them to companies. Pinterest Tumblr is a hybrid social media and blogging platform that has been around since 2007. It started to gain attention from a broader audience when it was acquired by Yahoo! in 2012. Tumblr lets people publish anything – photos, quotes, texts, links, music, videos – from a nearly any device, and is hyper customizable, with a variety of free and paid themes. Though many users publish text on Tumblrs, it is a visually-driven platform, where images – both static and animated tend to travel further than the written word. Pinterest, the popular visual bookmarking platform that launched in 2010, is a favorite social network for people interested in design, style, and other highly visual verticals. Customization is a big reason that brands are starting to flock to Tumblr. They can develop a site for a campaign, grow a community around it, and keep the community as the campaign changes or shifts. 56% of users are between 25 and 44 28% have a HHI over $100K Average time spent per visit, is 1 hour 17 minutes Pinterest has become a visual discovery platform, where users find and share images of things that intrigue, interest and inspire them. People who are visually engaged are also emotionally engaged, experiencing deeper connections that through seeing a line of a Tweet or a Facebook status update.

Vine Vine, from the makers of Twitter, is a mobile-based video-led social networking platform with a 6second limit on videos. Brands are just beginning to scratch the surface of what Vine can do for their social strategy and their marketing messages. The main form of engagement on Vine is likes, followed by shares, or re-Vines. As it is an app from Twitter, Vine videos show up native in a user’s Twitter stream (if they have been shared to Twitter). This means that users don’t have to click out of Twitter to a new window to see the videos, so much of the conversation about particular Vines may show up on Twitter as opposed to on the Vine platform itself. Snapchat Developed in 2011, Snapchat is a photo-based messaging app, its key differentiator being that the images will disappear forever in a matter of seconds. In early days, teens used the service to share private, often naughty, messages away from the public or parents’ prying eyes. It has evolved into a private messaging app for all sorts of people. Brands have started to use it to some success. Juicy Couture launched their Spring 2014 collection via a series of Snapchats to the brands’ friends and frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles famously sent instant coupons to its connections in 2013.

Different people also perceive and use channels differently WE ME Example: A Millennial View of Social Channels CONTENT PASSION via Edwin Wong of Yahoo

Social Network Use by Age Millennials through Baby Boomers Source: Google Ad Planner, May 2012


FACEBOOK: WHAT WE KNOW • Audience is a mix of aspirers and owners • 1.5 M+ fans, up from 574K last Oct. • Facebook delivers the highest overall engagement. • Fans and followers respond to visual content on Facebook at a higher rate than any other post with a typical average of +5K likes/post. • High quality images perform best, specifically pictures that show: • New features and products • Capability and performance • Interior features • Lifestyle • People with the vehicle, where the vehicle is prominent • Fans share photos and talk to us about: • Adventure, Everyday, Performance, Heritage, Approval, Shopping  Video does not perform well  Low performing images show: • People without the vehicle • People where the vehicle is minimal • Infographic stat images • Minimal vehicle

TWITTER: WHAT WE KNOW • Twitter is a valuable customer relationship building tool • Audience is a mix of aspirers and owners • 157K+ followers up from 68K last Oct • Live Twitter Q&As work well • High quality images perform best, specifically pictures that show: • Behind the scenes and events • Capability and performance • Interior features • Fans talk to us the most in Twitter • They talk to us about: • Adventure • Everyday • Performance • Heritage • Approval • Shopping  Video does not perform well (we currently do not use Vine)

Moving the needle on Twitter Posting images native in Twitter over boosts retweets and favorites Confidential | 52

Moving the needle on Twitter Engaging with fans in two-way conversation drives awareness, desire, and sales Confidential | 53

Offering additional content for the in-market & enthusiast audience YouTube is leveraged as a key car research and branding tool for active and potential buyers that goes beyond the content served on the GWS. 10M+ video views up from 3.1M last Oct Content topics: • Lifestyle • Off-Road Adventure • Features & Details • TV Commercials • Above & Beyond Confidential | 54

Visualizing the brand: Capturing and sharing the lifestyle in photography Instagram provides photo-lifestyle accessibility via mobile devices. Tumblr brings the lifestyle aspect of the brand to life by using the channel the way users express themselves. 37K+ followers up from 1,964 last Oct 11K+ notes (shares) calendar year Confidential | 55

INSTAGRAM: WHAT WE KNOW • Instagram is proving to be a strong channel for the brand with almost 38,000 followers, grown organically, over 1100% since last year • 37K+ followers up from 1,964 last Oct • Instagram provides photo-lifestyle accessibility via mobile devices • Hashtag nameplates • Other hashtags (#adventure #offroad #photography) don’t seem to increase engagement or serve as an entry point • Working: • Vehicle is prominent, large The number of Likes per Instagram post has increased by over 100% since the beginning of the fiscal year • Post in late afternoon, evening • Short copy with CTA • Work hashtags into copy (not after) • Light coverage from events • Support of current vehicles • Heritage vehicles • Performance shots • Post 3-4x week  Not working: • Vehicle not prominent • Close up, detail shots • Multiple posts in a day

Moving the needle on Tumblr A yearly publication that captures 51 of the best blogs on Tumblr platform Land Rover USA’s The Journey was selected as a best of brand blog in The Tumblr Theme Index. Selection is based on quality of content, uniqueness of design, and overall look and feel. The Journey appears in the “Passions” section of the Index and is one of three automotive brands selected. Confidential | 57

PINTEREST: WHAT WE KNOW • 2,200+ followers up from 368 last Oct • People are using Pinterest as a utility to help them plan their lives, so we want to ensure that each pin has a real value and meaning, rolling up to a relevant board • The personal utility of Pinterest is equivalent to Google • Approach pins as individual pieces of content; people pin so that they can get back to something later • Acting on the pin is critical; pins should link to more info • Long, vertical stacked images work best • Users consume Pinterest content in the feed, as they do with Facebook and Twitter • Search results draw from pin descriptions

Moving the needle on Instagram The number of Likes per Instagram post has increased by over 100% since the beginning of the fiscal year • Short copy with CTAs and hashtags worked into the copy (not after) drive engagement • Performance, Events, and Heritage folded into content set to drive likes Confidential | 59

Summary CONTENT CONTEXT (the stuff you’re sharing) (where, when and how you’re sharing it) Define your brand’s authentic voice Understand all options to participate in all channels Use that voice in a way that distinguishes you from competitors Define channel strategy that makes sense given your brand and target audience Connect the brand to conversations appropriately Give audiences good and differentiated reasons to engage in every channel Test, learn, adjust, repeat

Discussion THANK YOU






Not an evolution of this An evolution of this

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we will do it.” – Erik Qualman Author, Socialnomics




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