Trenching in Bend, OR

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Information about Trenching in Bend, OR

Published on March 17, 2018

Author: mikesirrigation


Slide 1: 1 Trenching in Bend, OR: Trenching in Bend, OR If you are thinking of building your own underground sprinkler system for your home, you should know a little about trenching in Bend, OR. For instance, Bend is surrounded by volcanic debris. Supposedly, around 17 million years ago, deep underground magmawas beneath eastern Oregon which rose to the surface causing significant volcanic activity. Lava floods erupted resulting in lava flows that traveled up to 400 miles covering as much as 10,000 square milesto a depth of over 100 feet. These lava flows covered almost half of the state of Oregon, creating a formation known as the Columbia River Basalt. 2 Trenching in Bend, OR: Trenching in Bend, OR The earth began to crack and stretch creating hundreds of volcanoes which added layers of lava all over Central Oregon. The ice age created ice sheets which ripped open mini canyons creating pluvial lakes and other small basins. Lava rock and cinder are spread all over this area with boulders the size of cars. Early farmers used these rocks to build above ground fences for livestock and to use for agriculture and property lines. They had to, since they could not dig any deeper than a foot without hitting a lava rock. Blasting was the only way to remove these rocks and it was costly. 3 Trenching in Bend, OR: Trenching in Bend, OR As the population grew, many suburban areas trucked in dirt from the Cascades which they used to cover over the lava enriched rocky ground. They barely sifted the current ground so this means that you only get around a foot of real soil for grass (landscaping). Now, that the history lesson is over, this means that if you want to build a trench for a sprinkler system, you may run into these lava rocks which are very hard to remove. You will need more than just a shovel and a wheel barrel. You may need an excavator, tractor, blasting equipment (permits), and other machinery to help smooth out the landscape. 4 Trenching in Bend, OR: Trenching in Bend, OR There are many contractors (excavation) in Central Oregon that do trenching. A simple Google search reveals over a dozen. There are actual trencher machines that you can rent which can burrow through the ground for you and make the lines for depth and width to your specifications. These trenchers can cut a three to five foot depth featuring hydraulic side shifts for trenching close to buildings and other objects like rocks . Trenching in Bend, OR / keyword/tag : trenching 5

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