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Information about Trees

Published on February 21, 2014

Author: jabernethy


By: Raigen Saving the General I did this project on trees because they were trying to save a tree planted over 150 years ago.: By: Raigen Saving the General I did this project on trees because they were trying to save a tree planted over 150 years ago. Oak Trees: Oak Trees Oak tree is considered as one of the biggest trees in the world. The weight of the tree can reach more than 9 feet, while the height can go up to 7 feet. The tree branches can go as wide as 135 feet. Oak leaves are used by the United Stated Army Forces for the rank symbol. A gold leaf is used to signify the Lt. Commander or Major. Lt Colonel or Commander is identified by using a silver leaf. Palm Trees: Palm Trees Palm trees, with their distinctive slender trunks and bursts of fronds, evoke thoughts of tropical beaches, but there are over 2,500 species of palm trees with a variety of different characteristics and interesting facts. The taxonomical name for the palm family is Aceraceae. They all thrive best in warm climates. Some are toweringly tall and others are small enough to grow in a pot. Maple Trees: Maple Trees M aple trees are commonly found in gardens and their sap on our dining tables, in form of Maple syrup. Maples are trees under the genus Acer, classified into the family Aceraceae . There are over 125 species of Acer trees, found in Asia, Europe, north Africa and north America. Maples are deciduous trees that grow up to 10-45 meters in height. Many maple species have a dense and fibrous root system. The Maple tree branches spread horizontally and form a compact rounded head when fully grown. The young Maple trees have a smooth bark that becomes brown, rough and corky as they grow older. There are longitudinal furrows on their barks and crimson stalks of young leaves on their branches. Pine Trees: Pine Trees Pine trees are the most common coniferous tree worldwide, numbering around 100 species. These trees form large forests characterized by wide open areas with sunlight spilling to the forest floor. Pines are sun-loving trees that do not grow well under shady conditions. Most of these trees live in the Northern Hemisphere, except for the Sumatran pine surviving south of the equator. Pine trees grow best in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 9. PowerPoint Presentation: Pine Tree Maple Tree Palm Tree Oak Tree

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