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Published on November 15, 2016

Author: Ondera15


1. Treatment for TV advert/campaign Treatment: Classification/ genre The genre of my TV advert is human rights. I feel that this is one of the most talked about topics in the world/ internet and I think that I can do a good job in changing minds and opinions about this situation which has been escalating for decades. Duration The TV advert I am hoping to make will last around 30 seconds as it is not too long or too short, so that it’s catchy and simple. I will do as much as I can to express my feelings in that time. Summary of programme idea including content, narrative, location (s) and what makes it different My programme idea will include content which will involve two actors, one male and the other female. There won’t be a voiceover or any form of speech in my advert as there will just be soundtrack in the background. The reason for me not having any form of speech is because I want the audience to focus on what is going on screen rather than trying to figure what the person speaking is saying. I have one goal in mind that it trying to get my message across of what men and women go through during their ordinary daily schedules to show that they do not much different but there is still their gender separation. Another idea that I have in mind is to have a multiple people from different races who are giving their opinions/ views with catchy slogans as the advert will only last 30 seconds. Audience The audience that I will be targeting is mainly females aged from 17 and upwards as that it the specific age group from when they start working. The reason why I’m targeting women and not men is because I want them to be aware that the majority of them are not being treated fairly as they are having to work for the same hours as men, but are still getting paid less than them. Similar / comparable programme examples I have found similar and comparable human rights adverts from the internet which is extremely fantastic as the visuals used in the clip are clever and good ideas to get voices heard. The advert involves different cameo roles of people who are from different country and races who talk about their human rights, plus how they feel. The advert first came out in 2015 and has attracted many people as you can see this from the views. The advert gives us a clear insight into what equality brings into the world. For example, you hear the words “dignity” and “freedom” which make us happy and are powerful words which are just created by one thing and only, equality.

2. Price / budget I would not need to make any payments or spend money as the equipment that I’ll be using is either mine or borrowed from the college. Equipment The equipment that I’ll be using to produce my TV campaign is a DSLR camera and possibly a tripod to help position my camera. Actors and production team required any ethical issues I will be needing a couple of people (all from different backgrounds and races) to give their take on the situation. These people can be anyone. For example, students or adults who willing to give up their time to help me produce this TV advert. Part of my production team I will have Jojo kabo who

3. will be assisting me during the procedure of filming. I don’t there will be any ethical issues during production as everything that’s going to be talked in the advert is positive messages and vibes. Recce This is multiple of pictures from the venue where am I going to be filming. It is safe and friendly environmental place to film. There is not any hazards that I can think of, but other than it is straight forward easy to film in.

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