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Published on September 24, 2014

Author: MatAppelyardMedia





‘Cope’ is an emptiness, the shocking reality in a world lost from open-mindedness, in which faith is traded from commercialism and the world hangs from the strings of high society media and over-hyped news, and having faith becomes a singularity, a marking defining them as different in a world that no longer accepts this. The film follows a person, trying to find himself in the high commercialist world, and seeing the world for what it is, sheep following the media, trading freedom for despotism. This leads a art-house style and narrative, being very metaphorical, as our protagonist follows his search for freedom, his way to “Cope” in a world long and lost. Images will begin from a media stand-point having typical imagery of the iconic countdown, which will be distorted, it shows a world out of place, and implies lies and falsities in the media. Some scenes will be oxymoronic having a typical kitchen scene with food being prepared, only to be revealed that the food being cooked is all fast food and junk food pre-made, this could include a bowl having milk poured over a burger to emulate cereal, and similar things will ensue on he protagonists journeys. The idea of being symbols of lost hope, and forbidden identity, all cast I this video, except for the band and the news presenter, will be wearing a mask with some form of symbol connecting to their state in the world, such as the protagonist will have a cross on his face, while as the other people in the world will have lost scrawled across their foreheads. Their clothes shall be disheveled in some way, wearing coats and dark clothing to show a coldness and detachment to the world.

(NB. I want my editing to come across as powerful and to show the insanity of the world people live in, so I will be taking inspiration from the editing techniques from here: Don't Stop For the news reporter. As well as the mood and atmosphere from the editing from here: Virgin ) Music feedback starts Distorted film countdown plays for a few seconds, can’t go lower than four. Video starts with a close up of a bible. It then moves towards a static induced screen with a news presenter sat there happy. Close up of the protagonists band which has a cross on it. Back to presenter medium shot, a cross with a red X over the top of it, this keeps cross editing, showing the presenter menacing and happy, mouthing There Is No God. It then goes to the first band shot, of a close up of the drummer as the beat intensifies, surrounded by a spot light and fog We then see a close up of the protagonists face, he is wearing a mask with a cross on it. The protagonist will be sat in a narrow dark bedroom with curtains closed behind him, and on screen the news reporter will be there. The protagonist will stand up. The protagonist will be sat in a narrow dark bedroom with curtains closed behind him, and on screen the news reporter will be there. The protagonist will stand up. Parallel editing will occur between the narrative, the news presenter and the band. CUT the protagonist will be at the bottom of his stairs , staring down into a claustrophobic and cramped kitchen. A medium shot will follow, showing another masked person preparing food. The person preparing the food will have LOST scrawled across the top of their mask, with bags drawn under the eyes. It is then revealed that the food being prepared is cheeseburgers on a frying pan, or, being used as cereal, being poured out a box, and milk poured on top. When then see another angle of the boy, showing a TV in the background with the distorted news being played. Between all of these shots, it will keep returning to extreme close ups of the band, playing in a dimly lit smoky church. This will end the first verse, as we see the boy pick up a petrol canister by the door.

This verse begins with another extreme close up and pan of the lead singers mouth, before a CUT to a new scene in which we see a homeless person carrying a Hope Is Lost or an End Is Nigh picket sign, this to extenuate the lyrics ‘there is a cost my friends of living out some other dream to find the consequence. The protagonist will be seen walking past with the canister in hand, as he sees the homeless man, it will CUT to his face to reveal he is also wearing a LOST mask. CUT back to the news reporter and immediately CUT back, showing a haunting flash that no-one is safe from the lies of the media. CUT here to several close-ups of the band, truly showing off that they are in a church emphasising the faith aspect. This will be interweaved between the protagonist walking towards a secluded location. Then a close up of the protagonist from behind, taking off the mask. CUT to a shot of the protagonist pouring petrol over himself. CUT back to the news report. As the breakdown kicks in with “I Know” CUT to protagonist lighting a match. CUT between wide shot of the band Performing in a church, the images of fire, and the news report with the screen burning and the distortion reaching fast and furious proportions. When the music starts the outro of feedback and distortion, there will be fast CUTs between previous people with LOST masks, with the protagonists mask charred on the floor. CUT to zoom out of the band all wearing various LOST masks. CUT at the end to PLEASE STAND BY on the screen.

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