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Information about Treating Amblyopia with DrPatch
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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: drpatch


DrPatch Seeing, living and smiling

The Story Behind DrPatch Our mission, driven by the intuition of a mother, is to create patching solution which are effective as well as fun to wear. Our products help children see better while protecting their self-esteem.

The DrPatch Products  Our solution have been designed to make the treatment more fun for children. This motivates them to comply and it nurtures their selfesteem in order to ensure a successful treatment.

DrPatch: A vision and a good deal  Created to answer a real need to treat children with amblyopia in an efficient and much more empathetic way  Very well received by all eye care professionals to this day (optometrists, ophthalmologists, orthoptists and opticians)  New concept, efficient, cost effective and unique  Already in demand from costumers all over the world through our website

The team behind DrPatch Lyse-Anne Roy President of DrPatch Founder of DrPatch and in business for over 25 years, Lyse-Anne Roy started DrPatch for her own son Zacharie when he had to wear an eye patch. Recipient of several prizes in entrepreneurship, she is continuously innovating to improve her orthoptic products. Danièle Henkel Danièle Henkel is specialised in commerce and international relations as well as in management and business development. She was able to build an international empire in the medical-aesthetic industry using only her ideas and her boldness.

DrPatch’s total occluder THE great innovation

Range of products  Total occlusions  Made of ultra-durable silicon  Very comfortable  Takes a second to install  2 year guarantee  Annual cost much lower than current solutions  Registered trademark

Range of products Partial occlusion (stickers) •Original and playful graphics children like that motivate them to wear the occlusion longer and more often for a successful treatment •13 designs for girl, boys and adults •Graphics renewed regularly •12 eye patches per design sheet •Cut and installed quickly and easily on glasses

Partial occlusions for children What’s inside your order: storage bag, 12 reusable eye patches, a transparent sheet to match your glasses perfectly, a useful storage card and easy to follow instructions.

Partial occlusions for adults What’s inside your order: storage bag, 12 reusable eye patches, a transparent sheet to match your glasses perfectly, a useful storage card and easy to follow instructions.

Range of products  Fun and useful accessories  Treatement tracking booklet  Bedtime storybook  Booklet with visual games  DrPatch’s stuffed teddy bear

Display  Original, compact, esthetic and solid display which includes:  10 total occlusions  6 colorful sticker sheets  1 treatment tracking booklet  1 teddy bear  1 bedtime storybook  1 booklet with visual games  Informational flyers  height 19,5 inches width 15 inches depth 7 inches

A promising market  3 to 5% of children suffer from amblyopia including 2500 new cases in Quebec every year  3000 patients for amblyopia at the Ste-Justine Hospital only  No other treatment or product entirely efficient and reusable to this day  Need to treat not just the physical aspects of amblyopia but also children’s well being and preventing negative psycho-social consequences  «Adults» market growing rapidly

Proactive Promotional Program  In store  Displays include a DrPatch stuffed toy to attract children  Promotional posters (optional)  Informational flyers  Promotion:  Press releases to specialised media outlets  Promotional campaign on the topic of prevention to encourage parents to get an eye exam for their children  Mention on our

In the press  Article in La Voix de L’est written by Francine Beaudoin, «Travailleuse de l’image, artiste de l’éphémère» (May 15th 2004)  Article in La Voix de L’est written by Stéphane Champagne, «Bon pied, bon œil et… bonne maman» (June 8th 2009)  Article in L’Express Affaires written by Claude Hébert, «Une femme qui voit loin» (February 15th 2010)  Article in La Presse Affaires written by Martine Letarte, «Lorsque maman s’en mêle» (February 14th 2011)  Radio interview at Radio-Canada «L’après-midi porte conseil» with Dominique Poirier «Maman entrepreneure» (February 22nd 2011)  Featured in Radio-Canada’s TV show «Dans l’œil du dragon» (May 2013)  Article in La Voix de l’Est written by Marie-Ève Martel «DrPatch tombe dans l’œil de la dragonne» (May 22nd 2013)

Proactive Promotional Program  Web activities:  Website is updated regularly  Mention of your clinic on the website  Section for you with information, promotional offers and online orders (Coming soon)  Web 2.0: Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and blog

Logistical Support  Orders recieved within 72h(in Quebec)  Free shipping for first order  A variety of products is included in the display and they can be sold separately  Order online, by phone or by fax  First order includes a display  Minium 125$ for subsequent orders

Summary  A solution loved by children and their parents  Growing market that is very promising  Unique products with strong branding  Offers a competitive edge  Attracts interesting clients who can afford to buy  Solid profitability with potential of rapid growth

Seeing, living and smiling with DrPatch

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