Travelling to Kareri Lake, Kangra

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Information about Travelling to Kareri Lake, Kangra

Published on November 20, 2017

Author: freeguideforyou


Travelling to Kareri Lake, Kangra: Kareri Lake which is also known as Kumarwah Lake is a very beautiful spectacular fresh water lake at south of the Dhauladhar range. The source of the lake is fresh melting snow and the lake is shallow and as a result the visibility of the water is very high and you might be able to see lake bed in most of the places. Compared to the trek in Triund or Indrahar Pass circuit, Kareri Lake may offer a short trek but it will give your much richer and quieter experience. Travelling to Kareri Lake, Kangra Slide 3: Kareri Lake, Kangra is situated at 2934 metres above the sea level and 9 km North West of Dharamshala in Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh. Among the available trekking destination in the Dhauladhars , Kareri Lake is the best known one. Main attraction of Kareri Lake: Most of the trekker that are crossing over Dhauladhar to reach various exciting pass used Kareri Lake as their base camp. If you are thinking about going to Bleni Pass then the trek is about 20 Km from Kareri Lake to Bleni Pass and then back to Kareri Lake. Minkiani Pass is also another exciting pass which is at a distance of 4.5 Km from the Kareri Lake. Slide 5: Campsite of the Kareri Lake: Dhauladhar range gives a very appealing beauty to the lake and since Kareri Lake is formed from the melting snow of this range, it serves as a main trekking attraction during early December to March/April when the entire lake is frozen. The trek of the Kareri Lake is starts from Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh and presents the participants of the trek with lush forests, narrow terrains, whirly passes, scenic meadows and many more things. The participants of the Kareri Lake trek can also participate in various activities such as Tyrolean Traversing and enjoy their adventure. Slide 7: To reach Kareri Lake: To reach Kareri Lake first you have to go Ghera village which is 20 Km away from Dharamshala and to reach it you can take a jeep. After that proceed towards the bridge from the main bazaar and once you cross the bridge go straight along the Kareri stream after taking a left and trekking upwards. After this the trail diverges, but don’t go wondering around and always stick to the river. After about 30 minute of hike you will reach Sari Village and from there the trek is 2 Km long to reach Kareri village. If you are thinking about visiting Kareri Lake then the best time to travel there is around May to July and September to November. Contactus:: Free Guide For You Location: Dharamshala , Himachal Pradesh – India Mobile No: +919418375852 Website: E-Mail : Contactus:

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