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Published on October 11, 2019

Author: cityamritsar


Slide 1: TRAVEL GUIDE TO PUL KANJRI Presented By: Slide 2: Moran, a Muslim dancer used to live in Makhanpur village. It is near Baradari. Every time Maharaja Ranjit Singh came to Makhanpur, he would send an invite for her. HISTORY Slide 3: Once Moran was crossing the canal on horseback and her silver slipper fell and got lost into the canal. She got upset and refused to perform until and unless the Maharaja promised to build a bridge across the canal. Slide 4: It was then that the Maharaja Ranjit Singh gave the orders to build the bridge. The bridge was built in honor of a dancer which in Punjabi is called ‘Kanjari’. Thus, named as Pul Kanjari. Slide 5: Location Pul Kanjari is a village, 35 km from City Amritsar on Amritsar-Lahore road. It is close to the villages of Daoka and Audhar on the Wagah border. Pul Kanjri, Amritsar is a village of historical importance. Slide 6: Distance Airport Distance between Sri Guru Ramdass Ji International airport and Pul Kanjari is 40 kilometers. Railway Station Pul Kanjari has situated a distance of 35 km from Amritsar Railway Station on Amritsar-Lahore Road close to the Wagha border. Slide 7: Best Time To Visit In Amritsar weather is comparatively pleasant from November to March. This makes an ideal time for sightseeing. November to March July to October Amritsar experiences mild to heavy rains during these months. During this period, the weather is mostly pleasant and cloudy most of the time.

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