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Published on February 4, 2008

Author: SurvivalGuide2EverydayLif


The Survival Guide To Everyday Life Presents: Travel Guide: The Many Sights of Delaware Delaware, floating majestically over the Atlantic Ocean

Things to do in Denver when... it's alive!? Welcome to the most comprehensive and up-to-date travel guide of Delaware! So up to date, however, that it is important to realize that most modern documents still list Delaware as a state and have not acknowledged that America's own quot;Blue Hen Statequot; is now a sentient body of land that craves friendship Before independence from the US, and understanding. If you still choose Delaware's residents valued guns, to visit Delaware, here are a few at- ships, identical twins, and cows. After tractions you'll want to be sure to Delaware became it's own entity, it has discard this design and is drafting new check out on the world's first self- versions. aware landmass.

Latest flag draft for Delaware, by Delaware The Lonely State Fun Fact: Delaware is a state and it needs to be loved, just like everybody else does.

Rehoboth Beach This scenic beach is one of the mainstays of Delaware tourism. Of course, it only appears depending on which way Delaware is mov- ing. Delaware, being an East-coast state, must travel in any direc- tion but East for the beach to appear. When traveling East, water rushes onto the beach, covering the sand and destroying most of the beach front property. Even when it's not traveling East, the beach is pretty subpar anyhow. Fun Fact: AARP said that Rehoboth beach is one of the top five U.S. cities. If that doesn't make you want to go there, I don't know what will.

Delaware Memorial Bridge Ruins Did you know Delaware is the home of the world's largest dual suspension bridges? Well, it use to be. Until Delaware started mov- ing, shifting the tectonic plates of the Earth, causing the suspension bridges to shake and weave around each other like a concrete double helix. Luckily, the wreck- age still looks pretty cool, and no Fun Fact: This picture was taken one has made an effort to clean with a camera found clutched in up the cars and bodies. You can the hands of someone crushed by poke at them with sticks if you the bridge. According to survivors, wanted. his dying words were “meh.”

Obelisk of Ancients This monolith is positioned in the center of Dover and has been emitting low humming sound since the state began thinking. It is often theorized as the cen- ter of Delaware's actions, but science has done little to prove this point. It's cool to look at, but you really can't make a day out of it, much less a weekend or family getaway. As far as obelisk's go, it's your basic fare. If you are an Obelisk Fun Fact: buff, you are better off going to Egypt. If the obelisk you are too poor to afford that, then stands at Washington D.C. If you are too poor for 7'1”, or that and live in Delaware, and you abso- “Shaq lutely need to see any sort of obelisk, height” then I guess this is a good travel spot.

Enjoy! It's important that you have fun in Delaware. If you openly re- port your less-than-satisfactory time on the self-seceded state, Delaware will feel alienated and worthless. Make sure you shield Delaware from your opinions if they are hurtful. If he tries to strike up a conversation with you, here are some things you can say to avoid potential awkwardness: I like what you did with the So how is your flag bridge, makes you appreciate coming along? waterways more. I hear Judge Reinhold is from What's your favorite here. Do you guys hang out? Cure song?

TheSurvivalGuideToEverydayLife.Com – They sure do love their Morrissey.

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