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Published on January 16, 2008

Author: harmonicagoldfish


TRAVEL AND GEOGRAPHY My project is on Travel and Geography I will be showing names of continents, countries, religions, leaders, and foods from around the world and I will be including pictures. I will be showing continents, countries, religions, leaders, and foods of the world. I will also be including pictures.

The Seven Continents are North America South America Europe Africa Asia Oceania ANTARCTICA

Some of the Countries are Canada Egypt Brazil France China Australia

There are lots of different religions all over the world Buddhism Christianity Hinduism Judaism Islam Taoism

Every country has a leader Hu Jintao, China George W. Bush, USA Nicholas Sarkozy, France Thabo Mbeki, South Africa Manuel Zelaya, Honduras Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan

There are all different kinds of foods around the world Italian Food Mexican Food American Food Chinese Food Japanese Food Indian Food

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