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Published on February 23, 2014

Author: michaeloconnellmdnh



Sherman, the gifted and talented cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, “lost it” when being interviewed post NFC championship game by reporter Erin Andrews.

Trash talking NFL… Sherman, the gifted and talented cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, “lost it” when being interviewed post NFC championship game by reporter Erin Andrews. She appeared half disgusted and half frightened for her life as this ‘man’ exploded on camera, sputtering a barrage of largely unintelligible rhetoric apparently in response to....winning??? or by other reports to some on the field trash talk by black wide receiver Crabtree, or to some Facebook comments? Does it matter? Has the NFL degenerated to the point that such explosions are deemed OK? Black CNN anchor Don Lemon, said after the interview “hey, the guy was doing his job.” Are you kidding me? I admit football and all sports are just trifling games that don't deserve the attention they draw; I understand that people get very attached to “their” team; I understand that emotions run high with the media hype. But... “doing his job”? This all leads me to ask what has changed in football, indeed all sports, over the past thirty years, that has transformed the good losers and winners, with names like Y. A. Tittle, Walter Peyton, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Bob Gibson, men who said very little to reporters, but when they did the conversation was polite, humble, team oriented, and giving credit to the opposing players. This has been replaced by the idiotic dances in the end zones and boisterous ill humored aggressive venom such as what we heard from the lunkhead Sherman. I suspect the difference is black and white. Sports used to be dominated by (less talented) whites, for better or worse, but now by (more talented) blacks, blacks that often come from a vast history of racial oppression and low income fatherless households. I guess now it is the black man's time - the time to put on shows to demonstrate just how far they've come despite the adversities. Have they? Is this the way for an otherwise intelligent football player to act? Is it coincidental that a transformation in crude ostentatious celebrations on and off the field has accompanied the entrance of non whites to the stadium? Do you think this is what JD Ellison had in mind for the black race in his book, The Invisible Man? While being compliant, meek and subservient is not the way for blacks to gain a foothold in a white man's world, why can the Shermans not be satisfied with being great athletes? Stanford graduates? Lemon had the audacity to compare Sherman's trash talk to that of Larry Bird. Again Lemon, who are you kidding? What planet is you from?

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