TransVirtual – A Beneficial Solution for Logistics Companies

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Information about TransVirtual – A Beneficial Solution for Logistics Companies

Published on January 5, 2017

Author: kirwandavid


TransVirtual – A Beneficial Solution for Logistics Companies: TransVirtual – A Beneficial Solution for Logistics Companies Importance of Logistics management software: Importance of Logistics management software Logistic companies need to keep a track of items and ensure that every product is delivered on time and to the right customer. To streamline these processes, software solutions provide access to the latest technology. TransVirtual offers a complete management and tracking solution for businesses of all sizes. What is TransVirtual?: What is TransVirtual? TransVirtual is a cloud based solution that provides an efficient control and monitoring of drivers and their freight. It provides live updates on the driver’s daily progress and gives information about every pickup and delivery via a Smartphone or PDA and the web portal. Why TransVirtual?: Why TransVirtual? TransVirtual provides an easy to use interface that offers detailed information to customers, suppliers and receivers. It brings the latest in road transport technology to any business fleet with no risk. There are many reasons that make this this logistics management system an ideal choice. · Cost effective – No Contracts · GPS tracking · Vehicle maintenance and cost control · Unlimited users · Free updates · Live track and trace · Easy to use mobile app TransVirtual – Get started today!: TransVirtual – Get started today! TransVirtual is the most versatile freight tracking and management system that is easy to use and understand. · Download the app or visit · Signup for a free trial · Start working straight away Contact Us!: Contact U s! For any further information, you can contact at +(61) 2-4905-0805 or visit the website to sign up for a free 60 day trial today.

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