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Information about Transport Demand Information

Published on November 28, 2008

Author: BernGrush



make a difference to transportation demand management

Bringing Information to Transportation With GPS Road Pricing




Growing transportation problems worldwide Crumbling Infrastructure Congestion Air Pollution

These pressing transportation problems are really symptoms … … Of a greater, fundamental problem

A lack of clear information

Without clear information… … bad things happen

Introducing SKY METER TM

Skymeter is a company that provides the GPS technology and services That enable innovative policies

We provide data for Pay-as-you-go Roads, Parking and Insurance

This is how it works



So what can Skymeter’s GPS data do for traffic management?


Skymeter brings accurate information in two forms: Travel Information Demand Information

Travel Information

Demand Information

With travel information you can…

Make Traffic Flow Maps With travel information you can…

With travel information you can… Do Origin-Destination studies

With travel information you can… Create Congestion Maps

… and much more Parking Use Time-Traffic Flow charts Heavy Vehicle Movement Maps Speed Maps Commute Maps Pedestrian Safety Studies Emissions Maps Traffic Animation Cycling Safety Studies Advertising Exposure Travel-time maps

Without any of this

Travel data can help traffic planners optimize their networks

Demand Information empowers transportation managers Travel Information helps transportation managers understand their networks better

Transportation is governed by economics

Economics is about supply and demand Supply Demand

Traffic planning so far has only focused on adjusting supply Supply

With Demand information Demand can be controlled With Pricing

Infrastructure can be used more efficiently

And the value of roadspace can be compared against other uses.

Thank you! Skymeter Corporation 101 College St., Toronto, CAN +1 416 673 8406 [email_address]

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