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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: MarinaMalaki



The presentation disscusses such issues as how to cope with health problems if you are professional translator or interpreter. Here are given some advice and examples. Enjoy It!

Translator’s health Malaki Marina 3lm3

Oral Translation  is a specific service sector connected with multilingual communication. The goal of this type of services is to ensure immediate and personal communication between specific people or groups of people.

Requirements:  high level of attention  observance of business etiquette  good command of a vast vocabulary of at least two languages  ingenuity and keenness of wit.   Flexibility/adaptability  Good cultural awareness

Possible Health Problems  Stress and Nervous Diseases  Tiredness  Throat Diseases  Hoarseness  Stomach Diseases (gastritis, ulcer)

Stress and Nervous Diseases  Continual attendances with doctor  To dose sedative chasers (if necessary)  Special exercises before performance

Tiredness  To sleep enough (no less than 8 hours)  Morning Exercises  Balanced Nutrition

Throat Diseases  To Dress Appropriately  No too cold/too hot drinks while working

Hoarseness  To take throat drops  Not to overestimate your voice

Stomach Diseases  Healthy/Balanced  Not Nutrition to overeat  Not to drink on the eve

Translator’s Menu  Breakfast – Low fat content products (melted cheese, ham, fruits)  Lunch – Proteins (meat, chicken, fish/garnish, fruits)  Dinner – Carbohydrates (macaroni, rolls and buns)

Written Translation  is a reproduction of the content of the original document by means of the language of translation, in written form.

Requirements:  Good taping skills  Ability to work on weekend and holidays  To respect the deadlines  Urgent translations

Possible Health Problems  Swells (edema)  Vision problems  Spasms  Scoliosis (lateral curvature)  Headache  Tiredness

Advice. Translators’ workbench  Medium-soft work chair  The height of elbow-rests = height of ketboard  Chair outlines = body outlines

Advice  Try to control your posture (осанка)  Change your position from time to time

Advice  Try to stand up every hour  Look through the window  Try to divert your attention

Advice Change your activity during the day, it will help to reduce drowse, fatigability Consume enough water (no less than 1,5l per day) . The lack of water slow down the metabolism

Advice Active way of life Walk, cycle, hit the slopes, skate, go swimming, use stair instead of elevator and stairway

Advice Continual doctor attending can prevent serious diseases.

Thank you for attention!

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