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Information about Translation of Fairy Tales

Published on February 18, 2014

Author: MarinaMalaki



This presentation tells about the ways of translating Russian Fairy tales in English and vice versa. The methods are given on real examples and famous characters and works. Enjoy it!

Translation of Fairy Tales Malaki Marina, 3LM3

Fairy Tale - a story about elves, hobgoblins, dragons, fairies and other magical creatures. - an incredible or misleading statement, account or belief : His story of being a millionaire is just a fairy tale. - a unique literary genre that entertain and inform readers of all ages.

Objectives in Translating Fairy Tales: - to convey in a second language the intrinsically simple first level of plot - to underline threads of cultural myth, preserving its original complexity - to reflect the heredity of folklore, symbols and expressions - to be etymologically sensitive

Translation of Proper Names • Иван (child hero) – John - Ivan • Василиса (priest’s daughter) – Vasilisa

Translation of Fantastic Names • Морозко – Morozco • etymologically “father frost” since “мороз”=“frost”

Translation of Fantastic Names • Кащей Бессмертный – Kashchey the Deathless • as “Кащей” derives from “кость”=“bone” = no sense Combination of Transliteration and Translation

Translation of Fantastic Names • Баба-Яга – Baba-Yaga • Баба = the root from “бабушка” = granny Baba Evil • Яга - Polish – Yejendza,Jedza Czech – Yerjezinka, Jezinka - Oral tradition – Snake Baba, An Old Granny Witch - “the old woman who-is-I-snake”

Rhyme in Translation of Fairy Tales • Баба-Яга костяная нога – Baba-Yaga the bonnyleg • Жили были – Once upon a time • И сейчас живут- хлеб жуют – They are now living and chewing their bread -? - Стали жить поживать добра наживать – And they lived happily

Rhyme in Translation of Fairy Tales • Крошечка-Хаврошечка - Wee Little Havroshechka • Иван Быкович - Ivan the Merchant's Son • Объедайло – Never-Fed • Обпивайло – Ever-Parched

Practice Иван-дурак Jack the fool Снегурочка Little Snow Girl Царевна-Несмеяна Princess Never-A-Smile Царица — золотые кудри Queen-Locks of Gold

Practice THE SCARLET FLOWER Аленький цветочек THE TURNIP Репка THE BUN THREE LITTLE PIGS Колобок Три поросенка GOLDILOCKS AND 3 BEARS Златовласка и 3 медведя THE WOODEN HOUSE Теремок

Practice • Once there lived an old man and old woman. The old man said, "Old woman, make me a bun." "What can I make it from? I have no flour." "Eh, eh, old woman! Scrape the cupboard, sweep the flour bin, and you will find enough flour. "The old woman picked up a duster, scraped the cupboard, swept the flour bin and gathered about two handfuls of flour. She mixed the dough with sour cream, fried it in butter, and put the bun on the window sill to cool.

• Жил-был старик со старухою. Просит старик: Испеки, старуха, колобок. Из чего печь-то? Муки нет. – Э - эх, старуха! По коробу поскреби, по сусеку помети, авось муки и наберется. Взяла старуха крылышко, по коробу поскребла, по сусеку помела, и набралось муки пригоршни с две. Замесила тесто на сметане, изжарила в масле и положила колобок на окошечко остудить.

• A mouse came. The mouse pulled kitty, Kitty pulled doggy, Doggy pulled Granddaughter, Granddaughter pulled Grandma, Grandma pulled Grandpa, Grandpa pulled the turnip. They pulled and pulled and pulled the turnip up!

• Пришла мышка. Мышка за кошку, Кошка за собачку, Собачка за внучку, Внучка за бабку, Бабка за дедку, Дедка за репкутянут-потянут – вытянули репку!

• A bear walked by. He saw the house and roared: - Little house, little house! Who lives in the little house? -I am a mouse. -I am a frog. -And I am a hare. -And I am a fox. -And I am a wolf. Who are you? -And I am a bear!!! The bear started climbing onto the roof and - crushed the whole house! All of the scared animals ran away in different directions!

• Идет мимо медведь. Увидал теремок да как заревет: - Терем-теремок! Кто в тереме живет? - Я мышка - Я лягушка - А я зайчик - Я лисичка. - А я волчок. А ты кто? - А я медведь косолапый! Влез медведь на крышу и Бах! раздавил теремок. Разбежались звери ктокуда!

• But the woman was still unhappy, and demanded to become Queen of all the land. Eventually, even being Queen of all the land did not satisfy the wife, and so she sent her husband once last time to the sea to catch the Golden Fish and to wish that she would be ruler of the sea and of all creatures who live in it. Еще пуще старуха вздурилась: Царедворцев за мужем посылает, Отыскали старика, привели к ней. Говорит старику старуха: «Воротись, поклонися рыбке. Не хочу быть вольною царицей, Хочу быть владычицей морскою, Чтобы жить мне в Окияне-море, Чтоб служила мне рыбка золотая И была б у меня на посылках».

Заяц однажды похвастался, что он быстрее всех животных. "Меня никто до этого не побеждал", - сказал он, "когда я включал свою полную скорость. Я вызываю любого чтобы посоревановаться со мной". Черепаха тихо сказала - "Я принимаю вызов". "Это хорошая шутка", - сказал заяц. "Я буду танцевать вокруг тебя всю гонку". • The hare was once boasting of his speed before the other animals. "I have never yet been beaten," said he, "when I put forth my full speed. I challenge anyone here to race with me." The tortoise said quietly, "I accept your challenge." "That is a good joke," said the hare. "I could dance around you all the way."

Conclusion • Symbolic structures are always greater then the first and obvious meaning • The translation must concern itself with the underlying struggle unfolding in the drama • It must facilitate the subconscious understanding of the latent conflicts and the attempts at resolution

Thank You For Attention!

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