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Published on March 20, 2014

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Today I have a tip that I learned from preschoolers that could just change how you go about your day!
Intrigued? Check it out: Transitions-Your Work From Home Sanity
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19 MAR 2014 TweetTweet 1 2 StumbleUpon Transitions: Your Work From Home Sanity via Writer’s Wednesday categories: Writer's Wednesdays Welcome back my Dear Writers and Bloggers! Today I want to chat with you about transitions to make your work at home day easier. But first we have some “ housekeeping” to do, a slight detour if you will… I want to enlist your help with something. I get messages from time to time from sweet folks who would love to start a blog, but have no idea how. I’ve got all kinds of resources on this blog. But, I want to write a simple post on how to actually start a blog from choosing a host to publishing that first post, no-nonsense. My fellow bloggers out there, if you have a tip you would like to share with a newbie on setup, your favorite hosting company, favorite platform, etc., please leave it in the comments or message me, so I can share along with other helpful resources. This is a sharing community and I love it! Also if you are looking for a hosting company or looking to switch, HostGator is having a fabulous sale soon while also donating a portion to American Red Cross. More on that with the sale link at the end of this post. Ok, thank you for sidestepping there with me a bit, now on to today’s: Writer’s Wednesday Tips!Writer’s Wednesday Tips! YA KNOW YA WANNA FOLLOW! SIGNUP FOR CONTENT ONLY SHARED WITH SUBSCRIBERS! Email address:Email address: Your email address Sign up SHARING BLOG LOVE Search Search 3Like ShareShare 1 HOME ABOUT BUSINESS RESOURCES PERSONAL RESOURCES BOOKS WE LOVE CONTACT ME TweetTweet 1 2

Transitions for Work and PlayTransitions for Work and Play The idea came on one of those days when I was juggling multiple projects and wondering why I wasn’t following my own “mono-tasking” advice. I did a guest post a while back for My Super Charged Life called “A Case Against Multi-Tasking.” Before that, I was proud of my ability to juggle, well…a lot of stuff! But, with all the time I have spent with preschoolers, curiously researching brain development, and productivity, along with mindfulness (hey, this girl has interest in a lot of things), I changed my mind. I’ll admit, on any giving day, you can still find me doing many things at once, but I go about my day much differently than I used to. Back to this crazy day of projects… I was handling it, but not exactly conquering.I was handling it, but not exactly conquering. I decided I needed a way to switch focus from one project to the next without letting each consume me. And, that is when my mind traveled back to my Early Childhood Development degree and preschoolers. You see, when I ran a classroom, I faithfully, as trained, used “transitions” to move my 4 and 5 year olds from one activity to another. You try moving a class full of these rambunctious little ones without them, and you will see how essential transitions are! What are transitions?What are transitions? Transitions are something that you consistently do between tasks that tells your brain it’s time to do something else. In the inclusion classroom I taught in, that meant everyone was on board, more comfortable, and we experienced less meltdowns. What in the world does all this have to do with you and your business?What in the world does all this have to do with you and your business? I discovered that for me, transitions are a “work from home” essential too. I may not have children with Aspergers, Downs, or ADD to consider anymore, but transitions work great for adults too! When you need to transition your brain from one thing to another, you can use a transition to make the switch. That way you are not still obsessing over the last task. This helps me stay on board with what I am doing at the moment. My job is a brain’s nightmare for distraction. I could be online doing research for a client one minute, then off on email, social media, or reading that Huffington Post article the next. I’m always on the prawl for content to share, but if I let myself go off on tangents, I never get anything done. If, however, I set a time to do my freelance work, a time for blogging, and a time for social media during the day, using a transition between each, everything gets completed efficiently. What are some transitions you can use?What are some transitions you can use? Work Worx Work Shirts Work Home Work Home Jobs Looking Work Chitika | Opt out? THANK YOU FOR THE RAVE REVIEWS! "Lorihil was awesome!!!" "Thank you so much! Huge fan of your work." "Rock star writing!" "Lorihil is great. She writes well, has a great 'voice' and is easy to work with." "Lori writes from the heart and had me looking into my life with a renewed thankfulness and true gratitude." On Fiverr: On Amazon: CHECK OUT OUR VIDEO CHANNEL FOR TIPS & TUTORIALS!

Photo via Your transitions may be different from mine. You have to find what works for you. It can be something as simple as an alarm. If you set a timer and it goes off, you can train your brain to mean it is time to let go and move on to the next thing. With a little time your brain will start to shift even at something as simple as the dinging sound. (We have Pavlov and classical conditioning to thank for this amazing insight.) With my pre-k class we often used a bell or certain songs to transition to lunch, outdoor activities, or nap time. Don’t you miss thoseDon’t you miss those days!days! You could do a breathing exercise or short meditation to give your eyes a break or even have snack time. (Who says we have to give up all the luxuries of childhood, right!) A few minutes of visualization makes a great transition too! Having something, whatever you choose it to be, that helps your brain shift from one project to the next, can save your concentration and sanity. Since you are working in your home, having a transition routine to switch from your work day to relaxation time or time with your family is great too! Try implementing this idea and let me know how it works for you. I would love to hear about your experiences and the “transitional” activities you come up with! If you have any work from homework from home tips for our community here at Immensely Social, please share. Hope to see you for Fabulous Friday and until then, Much love and happy transitioning!Much love and happy transitioning! XOXO HilXOXO Hil Don’t forget to “like&share”“like&share” this post if you found it helpful! As promised, here are the HostGator details: Starting Tuesday March 25th HostGator is featuring 50% off all new hosting packages with domains as low as $4. The sale is only for 24 hours, so be sure to bookmark this post and don’t miss it! For every new signup, they will also be donating $1 to the American Red Cross. Please share and I would truly appreciate it if you use my link. I personally use HostGator and have become an affiliate because they do a great job and have superb customer service. Link Here: HostGator We Eat Up theHostGator We Eat Up the Competition!Competition! SEARCH POSTS Search Search CATEGORIES Mindful Monday Writer's Wednesdays Fanship Friday Lori's Unconventional Advice Social Media Management Be A Goal Setting Rock Star Cheers to Health & Wellness Fabulous Friday Just Because The Month of Love RECENT POSTS Transitions: Your Work From Home Sanity via Writer’s Wednesday A Master in the Art of Becoming via Mindful Monday Fabulous Friday: Life, Biz, Quotes, and More! MY BLOGROLL Online Traffic You might like: Fabulous Friday: Favorites of the Week!

« A Master in the Art of Becoming via Mindful Monday bloggers, freelancers, make money from home, transitions, work from home, working from home, working online, writers 0 comment Recommended by Share and Enjoy Writers Wednesday: Stock Photos Magic 1 comment • 2 months ago Lori Hil — PicJumbo is another free source for stock photography I found recently. If you have a source to share, … Spring Cleaning The Mac Edition via Mindful Monday 16 comments • 10 days ago Lori Hil — Happy Spring Cleaning! Thanks for stopping by! A Fabulous 2014 to YOU! 2 comments • 3 months ago Lori Hil — Sure Jenni! Thank you for creating them. I have found them useful and love to pass on content I enjoy. If … Visualize Easier, Better, and Faster via Mindful Monday 8 comments • 16 days ago Lori Hil — Thank you Carrie for your thoughtful comment. May all your dreams come true! ALSO ON IMMENSELY SOCIAL 0 Comments Immensely Social Lori Hil Sort by Best Share Start the discussion… Be the first to comment. WHAT'S THIS? Subscribe Add Disqus to your site Favorite NetworkedBlogs Blog: Immensely Social Topics: Social Media, Work From Home, Working Online, Freelancing, Blogging, Writing Follow my blog Valentines Day Survival Guide for Singles The Month of Love: Inferiority Complex or An Opportunity? Powered by Dailymotion © Copyright Immensely Social 2014. Powered by WordPress.

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