Transforming Education with Personalized Learning

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Information about Transforming Education with Personalized Learning

Published on February 28, 2014

Author: DreamBoxLearning



Would you like to be able to deliver a more personalized, relevant learning experience to each of your students? This webinar will showcase creative ideas, reflective practices, and various technologies that can transform your teaching. Join Naomi Harm as she shares innovative instructional strategies that will allow for differentiation approaches, educator choice, challenge-based learning, and mobile learning opportunities. Collaborative teaming and active learning activities will be discussed along with virtual brainstorming, "bumping" of ideas, and augmented reality mobile learning.

Transforming  Educa0on   with  Personalized   Learning  and   Differen0ated  Instruc0on  

Geographical  Loca.on-­‐  

I  Want  To  Know  About  You!  Back  Channel  Chat!  

Presenta.on  Driving  Ques.ons   •  What  does  differen.ated     instruc.on  look  like  in   your  classroom  to   personalized  learning  for   each  and  everyone  of   your  students?  

#1  With  The  End  in  Mind  

#1  With  The  End  in  Mind   •  ISTE  NETS  Curriculum  Planning  Tool     •  ISTE  Student  Profiles  

#2  Student  Learning  Targets   •  Students  par.cipate  and   create  their  own  learning   targets  and  learning  goals     •  Aligned  to  standards     •  Personalized  and   professional  success   ac.on  plans     •  “My  World”  Chrome  App  

#3  Student  Assessment  Strategies   •  graphic   organizers  to  show  what   you  know.     •  Learning  about  how  each   student  learns  best  and   their  interests.     •  Character  Scrapbooks      

#3  Student  Assessment  Strategies     •  Mobile  assessments  apps  and  websites.   –,  Google  Forms,               Infuse  Learning,  and  Get  Kahoot   •  reflec.on  and  “                 friends”  feedback   –  TodaysMeet,  Type  Pad,  Google  Docs    

Digital  Ci.zenship  Rules  For   •  Note  your  first  real  name,  Ex.  (Naomi  H.)  or   note  your  team’s  name  as  a  dynamic  duo.   •  Socially  listen  respec`ully.   •  Discuss  issues,  not  people.   •  Share  ideas/resources                                                 to  extend  learning.   •  Probe  ideas;  do  not  cri.cize  philosophies.   •  Show  respect  for  online  views  of  others.  

#3  Student  Assessment  Strategies   •  Digital  produc.ons  or   ePor`olios   •  Badges  to  capture  the   learning  path   –  Classbadges   •  Real-­‐world  projects  and   accomplishments   –  Projects  by  Jen,  GSN,  ePals  

#4  What  About  The  Physical  Space?  Meaning  Learning  Environments    

#5  Choice  to  Differen.ate  and  Showcasing  Learning  Back  Channel  Chat!   What  types  of  “choice”  do  you  offer  your   students  to  showcase  their  learning?    

Personalize  Learning  Outcomes   hhp://    

Roger  Taylor’s  Research   Products  of  Mul.ple  Intelligences  Chart  

Incorpora.on  of  BLOOMS   •  Driving  Ques.ons   •  Address  HOTS   •  Student  learning   outcomes  

HOT  Apps  for  HOTS     By  Lisa  Johnson  &  Yolanda  Barker  

Yes,  There  is  an  App  For  That   S0ck  Pick  

Bloomin’  APPS:  iPad,  Android,  Google   hhp://­‐apps.html  

Closing  Reflec.on  Ques.on   •  How  will  YOU  create  a  more   personalized  and  student-­‐centered   learning  environment  for  each  and   everyone  of  your  students?  

You  Maher  &  You  Make  A  Difference!  

Naomi’s  Contact  Info         •  Email:     •  Twiher:  hhp://     •  Webpage:  hhp://    

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