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Information about Transfer funds to Bangladesh with SimplySendBD

Published on October 1, 2014

Author: Payza


slide 1: BANGLADESH Cost Effective Money Transfer To Bangladesh By Payza – Online Payment Processor slide 2: Content at a Glance BANGLADESH  Cost-Effective Money Transfer  Why SimplySendBD  What makes SimplySendBD Different  Resource  Cost  Convenience slide 3: BANGLADESH Cost-Effective Money Transfer Cost-Effective Money Transfer slide 4: BANGLADESH Great news to the thousands of Bangladeshis working abroad and needing a convenient way to send money to Bangladesh. Payza ’s new remittance service SimplySendBD not only makes it easier for Bangladeshis to transfer money into the bank accounts of their loved ones back home it makes it cheaper as well. Cost-Effective Money Transfer slide 5: BANGLADESH Why SimplySendBD Why SimplySendBD slide 6: BANGLADESH SimplySendBD is the new way to make online money transfers – from the comfort of your own home directly to the bank accounts of your loved ones in Bangladesh. Why SimplySendBD slide 7: BANGLADESH At Payza we’re extremely excited about SimplySendBD. We’re not only making it easier to send remittances to Bangladesh we’re also lowering the cost. For a flat fee of 5.00 USD our members can send up to 500.00 USD to send more it’s just 10.00 USD up to 2000.00 USD per transaction. With Payza’s SimplySendBD more money will go where it’s supposed to – into the pockets of the people that need it. Why SimplySendBD slide 8: BANGLADESH What makes SimplySendBD different from existing options What makes SimplySendBD Different slide 9: BANGLADESH SimplySendBD’s flat rate means that you won’t have to spend more to send more. If you decide to send 501 USD the fee is only 2 or 10. If you want to send 2000 USD you’ll only be paying 0.5 – still only 10 Bangladeshis have never before seen such savings. Cost What makes SimplySendBD Different slide 10: BANGLADESH BANGLADESH SimplySendBD allows Payza members to transfer money directly into the bank accounts of their loved ones in Bangladesh from the comfort of their own homes. Cash pickup will be available soon: recipients will be able to visit over 5000 retail locations across Bangladesh to pick up their money. Convenience What makes SimplySendBD Different slide 11: BANGLADESH Payza in collaboration with Casada Technology Bangladesh Ltd. and Bank Asia developed SimplySendBD because we recognize how important inexpensive and convenient remittance options are to Bangladeshis. In 2010 Bangladesh received about 1.4 billion USD in aid but there are serious concerns that foreign aid is not having a big enough impact on alleviating poverty in Bangladesh. This makes providing cost-effective remittance options even more important. What makes SimplySendBD Different slide 12: BANGLADESH Luckily remittances are more than making up for the lack of foreign aid. Foreign workers sent 11.65 billion USD home to Bangladesh between July 2010 and June 2011 – that’s over 8 times more money sent to Bangladesh by private citizens than by governments – and this past October Bangladeshis working abroad sent back a record 1.45 billion USD in the form of remittances amounting to more than the total foreign aid received in the year 2010. What makes SimplySendBD Different slide 13: BANGLADESH The chart shows the rapid growth of remittances flowing back to Bangladesh. This trend shows no signs of slowing down. What makes SimplySendBD Different slide 14: BANGLADESH While the steadily increasing amount of money being sent back to Bangladesh by migrant workers is great news the high cost of sending remittances significantly reduces the amount of money reaching Bangladeshi citizens. The purpose of SimplySendBD is to ensure that money gets to the people that need it and doesn’t simply boost the bottom line of banks and money transfer operators. What makes SimplySendBD Different slide 15: BANGLADESH Payza’s core mission is to empower emerging economies which is why we’re so excited about our newest product. We’re committed to providing concrete financial solutions for those in need and SimplySendBD is a giant step in that direction. What makes SimplySendBD Different slide 16: BANGLADESH Resource slide 17: BANGLADESH Resource The first step to making affordable money transfers to Bangladesh is to sign up for a Payza account. For more information about SimplySendBD: Payza Launches New Product SimplySendBD to Facilitate Money Transfers to Bangladesh or visit slide 18: BANGLADESH Global Platform Local Needs An Introduction to the Payza Online Payment Platform slide 19: Global Platform Local Needs Payza is a leading global online payment platform specializing in the following service areas: E-Commerce Processing Corporate Disbursements Remittances BANGLADESH The Platform slide 20: Global Platform Local Needs Payza’s mandate is to provide affordable and convenient online payment processing services to the global community: BANGLADESH Our Mandate slide 21: Global Platform Local Needs Specifically for Businesses:  Credit card processing  E-commerce processing  Corporate disbursements  Fraud risk management  Invoice management  Dispute resolution For Consumers and Businesses:  Flexible deposit and withdrawal options  Localized banking  Wire transfers  Multi-currency  Prepaid cards  Mobile payments BANGLADESH Services for Businesses and Individuals slide 22: Connect With Us BANGLADESH slide 23: Stay connected with Payza Subscribe to the Payza blog or follow us on your favorite social networks for all the latest Payza news and updates: Payza Blog: Payza Community: Facebook: https://www Twitter: Google+: LinkedIn: http://www Vimeo: YouTube: http://www BANGLADESH Connect with Payza slide 24: BANGLADESH Thank You

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