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Published on March 25, 2008

Author: Shariyar


This PowerPoint presentation provides basic information needed by volunteers to assist recyclers in sorting their items at the Miller Recycling Center. It is necessary to supplement the text on the individual slides with the information contained in the “notes” pane of the Normal (Tri-Pane) PowerPoint View. You can resize the panes by clicking and dragging their boundaries. :  This PowerPoint presentation provides basic information needed by volunteers to assist recyclers in sorting their items at the Miller Recycling Center. It is necessary to supplement the text on the individual slides with the information contained in the “notes” pane of the Normal (Tri-Pane) PowerPoint View. You can resize the panes by clicking and dragging their boundaries. PRoKansas Miller Recycling Center:  PRoKansas Miller Recycling Center 725 East Clark Not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization Volunteer based Our Customers:  Our Customers General public who come to our Center Local businesses and churches Outlying communities Environmental groups, school clubs, Scout groups, etc. Open Hours:  Open Hours 9:00 to 3:00 Saturday 1:00 to 4:00 Tuesday & Thursday Items Accepted:  Items Accepted Plastic products Paper products Glass bottles Aluminum and tin cans Other items Plastic Categories:  Plastic Categories #1 transparent bottles #2 cloudy containers #2 colored containers Mixed plastic Plastic bags Plastic Resin Codes with Examples:  Plastic Resin Codes with Examples Plastic Manufacturing Processes:  Plastic Manufacturing Processes Blow-molded production“seam” on the bottom Injection-molded injection “button” on the bottom #1 Transparent Bottles:  #1 Transparent Bottles Category requirements: #1, bottle or jar, transparent, injection-molded (button) Examples: Soft-drink, water & sports drink bottles Dish detergent, mouthwash, liquor, salad dressing, cooking oil, ketchup, household cleaners, peanut butter, etc. #2 Cloudy Containers:  #2 Cloudy Containers Category requirements: #2, cloudy, blow-molded (seam) Examples: Milk, vinegar, distilled water & Sunny Delight Bulk commercial salad dressing, windshield cleaning solution, rubbing alcohol, etc. #2 Colored Containers:  #2 Colored Containers Category requirements: #2, solid color, blow-molded (seam) Examples: Laundry detergent, bleach, fabric softener, white milk jugs, Folgers coffee, cat litter, 409, Shout (and other hand pump spray products) disinfecting wipes, automotive fluids, shampoo products, etc. Mixed Plastic:  Mixed Plastic Category requirements: All numbered household plastic containers not specified in one of the previous plastic categories We do NOT accept #3 (PVC) and foam type #6 (polystyrene & Styrofoam) products! Examples: Cottage & cream cheese, margarine, “whipped” topping and yogurt tubs, fast food cups, food trays, clear thin produce trays and plant pots Plastic Bags:  Plastic Bags Category requirements: #2 & #4 polyethylene Clean and dry No “crunchy” bags (usually #5) Examples: Regular shopping bags, dry cleaning bags, bread bags, newspaper bags, six-pack carriers Paper Categories:  Paper Categories Newspaper Magazines and catalogs Office paper White ledger paper Corrugated cardboard Mixed paper and junk mail Books (paperback and hardback) Newspaper:  Newspaper Everything that comes in the newspaper is recycled with the newspapers Must remove from plastic or paper bags. No other type of paper Magazines and Catalogs:  Magazines and Catalogs Slick, coated paper magazines and catalogs includes anything that came in it Other slick-finish paper like some junk mail inserts, wall calendars and other papers with that slick magazine feel Plastic wrap and such must be removed Office Paper:  Office Paper White & pastel paper and envelopes Includes “annual report” type publications NO slick or glossy paper NO dark or bright color papers, manila envelopes or file folders Windows in envelopes are okay as are staples and paperclips. White Ledger Paper:  White Ledger Paper High quality, bright white “office” paper Computer paper, stationery, most copy paper, some high grade paper removed from books or manuals and building plans. No envelopes (it’s the windows & yucky glue) No slick, colored or yellow, aged paper Only experienced volunteers are to sort this category of paper Heavy Corrugated Cardboard:  Heavy Corrugated Cardboard Includes brown paper sacks No extremely thin corrugated cardboard Oftentimes with a glossy surface No “Asian” cardboard Greenish or yellowish outside, gray inside. Asian cardboard is soft and easy to tear. Mixed Paper:  Mixed Paper Cereal, soft drink, shoe and tissue boxes, tablet backing, toilet paper & paper towel inner rolls and other “light” cardboard or pasteboard Cardboard products that are gray inside Junk mail, manila envelopes, file folders Dark paper & bright neon, fluorescent paper Asian cardboard & very thin corrugated cardboard Paper egg cartons and similar packing products Telephone directories (separate gaylord) Books (all types are accepted) :  Books (all types are accepted) Paperback Small romance novels (mass market) Larger, better quality books (trade paper) Hardback Glued bindings Sewn bindings Glass Containers:  Glass Containers Food and beverage containers Labels do not need to be removed Pyrex & Corningware type cooking items Drinking glasses and plate glass Other types of glass products are accepted with approval only Aluminum Cans:  Aluminum Cans Soft drink, beer, and other beverage containers only. Aluminum cat food cans, foil, and disposable pans & trays go in the box on the floor between the tin cans and aluminum cans. Tin (steel) Cans:  Tin (steel) Cans Labels can be left on Steel bottle caps from glass containers are okay. No scrap steel Other Items Accepted :  Other Items Accepted Toner and ink cartridges from laser and inkjet printers, copiers, and fax machines Regular corded and cordless telephones, answering machines, cell phones, pagers and chargers Other electronic items with approval Batteries (household rechargeable and automotive) Eyeglasses Items NOT Accepted at the Center:  Items NOT Accepted at the Center Hazardous waste Oil,, antifreeze, insecticides, herbicides, paint Containers made with two unrelated products Anything that is dirty or has food in it Scrap metal Non-container plastics Vinyl ,toys, hoses, packaging, large plastic items PVC (#3), meat tray, take-out food containers, Styrofoam (foam #6) and unmarked plastics Procedure for Helping Sort Items Under Two Scenarios :  Heavy traffic and/or few volunteers Recyclers do their own unloading and sorting Light traffic and/or plenty of volunteers Volunteers help with the actual unloading and sorting (procedure covered on the next slide) Procedure for Helping Sort Items Under Two Scenarios Procedure for Helping Sort Items when we have Plenty of Volunteers:  Approach and welcome the recycler to our Center Determine the level of assistance needed Inform the recycler of anything new If needed, help with sorting into the appropriate gaylords Finally, thank the person for recycling with us Procedure for Helping Sort Items when we have Plenty of Volunteers Final Important Issues:  Final Important Issues Volunteer Application Sign-in sheet Orange volunteer vests Safety Facilities Parking Keep a good attitude THANK YOU !!:  THANK YOU !! Your involvement in our operation is sincerely appreciated. It is our hope that you find your time with us both enjoyable and rewarding. Our Volunteer Coordinator will be in regular contact with you. We recognize the value of your feedback. Please let us know how we can help make your experience at the Center all that you expect. It all comes back to you

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