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Published on January 25, 2009

Author: dawndrake



Tool to assist training managers decide whether to accept requests for training development

Created by Dawn Drake For New Training Requests When someone requests new training, use this script to gather the information needed to decide whether to approve the request. In some cases, you will already know the answer so you won’t need to ask, but be sure you do know the answer to each question before you end the interview. Do not make a commitment to deliver a new class until you have evaluated the request based on the questions in the Decision Matrix. Date of Request Request taken by Requester’s name Email Phone Type of training requested What business initiative(s) will this training support? Why do you think you need this training? (Describe the performance issue that the client wants to address AND why he/she thinks the problem is occurring [this can help you identify other issues besides knowledge/skill gaps].) What is the impact of [the issue]? (Probe to find out how errors are detected and what the impact is of doing something wrong – or the value to be gained by doing it right.) What have you already done to get the results you want? How did that work out? (If it wasn’t effective, probe to find out why.) How do you expect things to change after this training? (How will the client measure the success of the training?) Is [the tool, process, etc.] available to the users now? If not, when will it be available? How frequently will they need to use it in their jobs once they are trained? How many people need to be trained? Will this training be required or optional? When do you want this training to start? What is your target date for having everyone trained? © 2006, Dawn Drake Page 1 of 5 Training Decision Matrix

Can everyone be trained at the same location? Can everyone be trained at the same time? If different times/locations are necessary, what are the requirements? Analytics only: What is the highest level that reports should roll up to for training? Before making a commitment to provide the training, evaluate the training request against the Decisio Matrix criteria on the following pages. © 2006, Dawn Drake Page 2 of 5 Training Decision Matrix

Created by Dawn Drake New Course Request Decision Matrix After you have gathered the information from the requester, you need to decide whether to accept the project. People will sometimes request training to correct a problem that is not a training issue. Training is appropriate when a performance shortfall is caused by a lack of knowledge or a lack of skill. Instructions: Use the matrix below to assist you in deciding whether a training request should be accepted. Put an X in the “+” column if the answer to the question would support accepting the project and an X in the “-“ column to indicate the answer to the question would weigh AGAINST accepting the project. When you have completed the checklist, look over your answers and decide 1) whether you should accept the project, and if so, 2) whether it could/should be developed and/or delivered by an external vendor. Red cells indicate a “show stopper”; you should decline these requests unless you can find a solution that will allow you to move the X to the + column. Yellow cells indicate strong caution; you will probably need to negotiate some expectations with the customer. Green cells indicate strong support for providing the training IF there are no red cells selected. Criteria – CAN we do it? + - Do we have the resources available to meet the request? (Performance goals, timeline, logistics, etc.) If new content is needed, do we have the expertise (available) to develop the training? If not, is an external SME that we can use to assist with the development (confirm availability)? Is the audience sufficiently homogenous for the training to be effective and efficient as requested? If there is a mix of Expert/Competent and Novice/New users, is there a reasonable way to address all needs (maybe two classes, or starting with an intro for the less skilled, and having the more skilled join later)? Can we meet the customer’s expectations? What has to change for the customer to consider the training a success? Can we deliver the result? How will the change be evaluated? By whom? Does leadership agree with the stated criteria? Will we be able to maintain the course, if necessary (e.g., for new users)? © 2006, Dawn Drake Page 3 of 5 Training Decision Matrix

Criteria: - SHOULD we do it? + - Is training an appropriate solution to the problem (i.e., problem is caused by a skill and/or knowledge deficiency) Is the request within the scope of our mission and aligned to current corporate initiatives and priorities? Can we leverage the output for other audiences? Do/Will the users have the necessary pre-requisite knowledge/skills/experience to understand the training? Will the users be able to apply what they learn very soon after training? Will they use the skills/knowledge frequently enough for the training to be valuable? Does management support the training? (What evidence is there of this?) Is training the best option for getting the required results? Would a job aid, video, communication, or some other solution suffice? Are there high performers on site who could coach the lower performers? Are the trainees likely to be receptive to, and supportive of, the training? (What evidence is there of this?) Have other barriers to performance (besides knowledge/skill deficiencies) been addressed? If additional actions besides training are needed for success, is the customer/leadership implementing those actions? Does the training support business goals? Is there significant potential for gain if the users perform the task correctly? Is there a significant cost/risk if the users perform the task incorrectly or not at all? How visible is the project? What is the impact on us if it is perceived as a success? As a failure? Other considerations? Considering all of the plusses and minuses for this project, what is your decision regarding this training request? Approve Reject © 2006, Dawn Drake Page 4 of 5 Training Decision Matrix

© 2006, Dawn Drake Page 5 of 5 Training Decision Matrix

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