Training from 220kv GSS Sanganer, which is located on Muhana Road, Jaipur

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Information about Training from 220kv GSS Sanganer, which is located on Muhana Road, Jaipur

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: VikasJangir2



The technology all about GSS System and their operating system.
In the presentation all about the GSS and their instrument which has used in GSS for operation and controlling the whole system.
I hope this presentation helpfull to all those students, who had their training from Sanganer 220kv GSS.

A Summer Training Presentation on “Operation and maintenance of EHV equipment and Transmission system” 2013-2014 Rajdhani Engineering College Jaipur Department of ‘Electrical Engineering Presented by:Vikas Jangir Electrical Engineering

Introduction of a substation  Intermediate link between Generating station & Consumers  Important part of T&D  Step down high voltages Sanganer GSS Capacity : 220 kV,132kV,33 kV

220 kv GSS Sanganer • History of GSS. 1. 2 3 4 5 Established in 1981 1981 – Heerapura 132kV was there 1998 – KTPS 220kv was added 2002 – Heerapura-I 220kv was added 2005 – Heerapura-II 220kv added • Incoming feeders. 1 Heerapura I – 220kV 2 KTPS – 220kV 3 Heerapura II -220kV

Outgoing feeders • 132kv lines 1. Mansarovar I 2. Mansarovar –II 3. Balawala 4. Niwai 5. Sitapura 6. chaksu • 33kv lines • 11kv lines 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 1. 2. 3. 4. Muhana Mandi Malpura Vatika Phagi Sitapura Sanganer Durgapura-I Durgapura-II Tejawala Industrial Pream Nagar Muhana

Single line diagram


Classification of substation. • Basis of Nature of Duties 1. Step-Up or primary Substations 2. Primary Grid Substations 3. Step-Down or Distribution Substations • Basis of Service Rendered 1. Transformer Substations 2. Switching Substations 3. Converting Substations • Basis of Importance 1. Grid Substations 2. Town Substations

Classification on the Basis of Operating Voltage 1. High Voltage Substations 2. Extra High Voltage Substations 3. Ultra High Voltage Substations Classification on the Basis of Design 1. Indoor Type Substations 2. Outdoor Type Substations

Equipment For Substation • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Lightning Arresters Main Bus-Bars Wave Trap Switchgear Power Transformer Instruments Transformers Capacitor voltage transformer Isolators Circuit Breakers Insulators Fuses Protective Relays Station Insulators Batteries

Lightning arrester • Protective device • Equipment use power poles and towers, power transformers, circuit breakers, bus structures, and steel superstructures in substations

Wave trapper • Trap signals and send it to PLCC control Room • For information purpose

Bus-bars • Carry electrical supply • Maximum load

Switchgears • Controlling equipment • Protecting equipment 1. Equipment • Air break Switches, Oil Switches,Isolators,Circuit breaker • Earthing Switch

•Air switch breaker • Isolators

Circuit breakers • Used to Close or open electrical circuit • -It cab be operated manually or automatically Classification of C.B 1. Water circuit breaker 2. Air circuit breaker 3. Air blast circuit breaker 4. Sulphur-hexa-fluoride circuit breaker 5. Vacuum circuit breaker

Power transformer

Types of Transformer • • • • • Power transformer Current transformer Potential transformer Capacitance voltage transformer Distribution transformer faults in transformer • Internal faults • External faults

Current transformer • Measurement of electric currents and protective relays  Potential transformer • Reduced high voltage in a fixed voltage and measurements purpose also

Faults in transformer External faults Internal faults • Must be disconnected • Not allowed to operate for long time • Failure of coolant • Short circuit in windings • Fire inside transformer • Over heating Protection Protection • Buchholz protection • Overheating protection • Cooling fans • Fire protection system • Protection against magnetizing inrush current

Cooling in transformer

Fire protection system • N2O2 • Nitrogen injection, when control panel receive indication

Substation earthing • Every instrument earthed • Lighting arresters

Control room Protection

Battery Room • Very crucial section of GSS as batteries provide power back up and also DC power for DC signaling of control equipments and fire protection system

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