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Published on November 16, 2008

Author: ivfworld



EART is an IVF training institute in the field of assisted reproductive technologies offers Short course and hands on training. Embryology Academy for Research & Training is recognized research institute for IVF Training Programme for IVF / ICSI / ART Micromanipulation , Reproductive Medicine. Our Accrideted Embryology courses are Basic course in Semenology & IUI,Advanced course in ICSI,Introductory course in ART,Certificate course in ART,Advanced course in cryo preservation.

Contact Information:
Tel : +91-22-28457140, +91-22-28457059

Eart Real hands-on sessions: 6-8 delegates per course quot;Thrilling experience in life we will never forget. Dr. sharma & Mrs. Sharma delievered very informative lecture. Staff EART is a Young Emerging New Dimension in the EART announces cooperation is very good. Field of ART Education. EART initiated sincere and training courses God will help you. All the honest efforts to understand current needs of the best.quot; embryologists & gynaecologists for learning various ART techniques(IUI, IVF, ICSI and Crayopreservation). EART provides platform for perfecting Assisted Reproductive skills & Latest technologies. R. G. Patel (Optimised for IE 5.0 and 800 * 600 resolution and above.) Copyright © Eart, 2004. all rights reserved. [11/8/2008 3:48:23 PM]

Eart Assisted conception is probably the fastest growing science of medicine. Like any other faculty this requires highest degree of perfection to get results. It is important to be prudent in the clinical and laboratory work to get good results. This can be achieved with adequate hands-on experience and guidance. This is the theme of this IVF training programme. The intention is to have a comprehensive exposure to the whole setup of human assisted reproduction, which include lab set- up, clinical management and laboratory skills. To have adequate interaction the number of places is greatly restricted. EART offers maximum opportunity to learn. One-on-One training. Limited candidates in a batch. State of ART brand new equipments. One-on-One training. Multimedia education. Internationally experienced faculty. At EART, we believe that to be a successful leader involves understanding and tailoring the courses to the needs of participants, constantly upgrading one’s resources and capabilities, staying focused and striving to make every participant an expert in IVF. A group of highly experienced professional work as a team for keeping EART at the leading edge with a constant desire for upgradation and to do better in this field. Team spirit is the driving force of Eart. [11/8/2008 3:48:47 PM]

Eart EART has a well-established state of the IVF laboratory equipped with all necessary equipments and accessories. The lab is designed as per CGMP standard with interlocks, air shower and pressurizing module to maintain the aseptic conditions. EART Lab is fully equipped with all the equipments required for IUI, IVF. The Lab also has the latest set of “Narishige” micro manipulators along with Olympus inverted microscope required for Intra cytoplasmic insemination. EART also satisfies all the norms of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice). The lab facilities are integrated with an air-conditioned conference room, library with multimedia education and LCD projection arrangement along with internet connectivity. EART provides Detailed manual prepared by experts in the field Time table Sessions showing various topics covered during training Information about Fertaid internet education [11/8/2008 3:48:53 PM]

Eart Name Duration No of Trainees Fees (Rs.)+ Fees (Euros)*+ One Day Orientation Course for One Day 10 2,000 50 students Let’s do IUI Three Days 6-8 6,000 250 Let’s do Embryology Two Days 6-8 7,500 400 Let’s do ICSI including IUI & IVF Five Days 6-8 40,000 1500 Let’s do Calibration Two Days 8 7,500 400 EART now offers ultimate flexible and most economical quot;hands-on training in IVF & ICSIquot;. Tailormade Embryology course for one month available on request. * For Foreign Delegates + Course fees does not include accommodation. It can be arranged on request. One of the basic criteria of learning is getting an actual hands-on experience. EART has successfully ensured that each participant gets an adequate hands-on experience on animal oocytes and human sperm and can practice mock cycles for various techniques of IVF. The hands-on session details are mentioned in the data sheets of each course. One-on-one training offers the maximum opportunity to learn at EART. Courses are available for all assisted conception centre staff including medical, scientific personnel. The unique one-on-one training makes us flexible in course content and timing to meet your specific needs. Hands on session are coupled with the requisite theory lectures. [11/8/2008 3:49:00 PM]

Eart The guiding principle at EART is to ensure that we provide the participants an enriching experience in a relaxed ambience. To this end we have selected a highly experienced team of trainers who are specialized in the most up to date technologies in the field of ART and created facilities for adequate interpersonal interaction and intellectual stimulation. The faculties are selected from the best national and international institutes. They are chosen for their expertise in the particular course being designed. The faculty are encouraged to provide technical troubleshooting to the participants even after completion of the course. Our staffs are highly experienced and capable of responding quickly and professionally to your queries while providing the best possible advice when required. Faculty's Name Experience Dr. Kersi Avari Presently working as laboratory in charge and Assistant Ph.D. in Reproductive Endocrinology Embryologist at Melbourne IVF, Mumbai. Trained in university of Birmingham & Leeds (UK), having 6 Dr. Ranjit Joshi years of rich experience at university of Leeds as a IVF & MBBS, DRCOG, MRCOG (LONDON) endoscopy specialist. Now in India having successful IVF centre & currently visiting four other IVF centre. Dr. Rajesh P Gorasia Extensively trained in IVF endoscopic surgery, having successful IVF- ICSI program, since last eight years at Rajkot, MD Gujarat. Fellowship in ART, Brussels Belgium, trained at Jones Institute Dr. Satish Sharma of Reproductive Medicine USA & UCL London, having MD, DGO, DICOG, DFP, FICMCH successful IVF & Genetic programme since last five years & currently visiting four other IVF centres. Dr. Mrs. Rajvi Sharma Fellowship Asst. Reprod. (U.S.A), trained in assisted reproductive techniques from Jones Institute of Reproductive M.D, D.G.O, D.I.C.O.G Medicine (U.S.A), is an Embryologist at Craft Clinic, Mumbai. Next [11/8/2008 3:49:03 PM]

Eart Embryology Academy for Research & Training is recognized research institute for the purpose of providing the means of instruction and research to the M.V.Sc and Ph.D studies of the Maharashtra Animal and Fisheries Sciences University, MAFSU. MAFSU is one of the leading university having five veterinary colleges. Bombay veterinary college is one of them which is Asia's oldest college. EART is proudly collaborated with BVC. EART is also collaborated with; Internet Tools for the Reproductive Sciences, Australia. For more info visit website Fertaid provides international internet based education and quality assurance program for all professionals involved in IVF and Reproductive Sciences. QAP - online Works by providing a series of schemes each devoted to a specific quality Issue, eg., Sperm morphology. Each scheme contains a critical QAP question that forms the basis for internal and external comparisons. [11/8/2008 3:49:08 PM]

Eart EART is a multi dimension Academy providing consultancy services in various areas: EART conducts various hands on courses in Mumbai, India with the help of renowned Indian and International faculties. The care is taken that each participants gets adequate hands on experience and project mock cycles. Our training courses are designed to increase knowledge, broaden their experience in order to enhance success rates in EART. EART undertakes complete technology transfers for Assisted Reproductive Technology. The Turn Key Project includes Site Survey & Designing Environmental Engineering Equipment Installation Training of Personnel Preparation for Marketing of Clinic Equipment selection & order Procurement & Inspection Consumables & Media We undertake Annual Maintenance Contract and routine calibration of various equipments in the lab. Our Engineers do periodic visits (3) for preventive maintenance and calibration of the equipment with the help of the (calibrated) gadgets for various parameters. We co-ordinates between IVF clinic and various bodies for accreditation and validation. EART extends comprehensive service for implementation of ISO 9001 and ISO 17025. Quality Management System provides quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement activities. ISO 9001 system helps ART centres in ensuring quality service for not only the customers but also improving performance in organizations, creating a calibration protocol for equipments, creating proper documentation as per national and international guidelines. [11/8/2008 3:49:19 PM]

Eart Embryology Academy for Research and Training (EART) is located in Mumbai (INDIA) on Western Express high way. It is situated 4 km north of Borivali National Park. Borivali National Park is located in Borivali, east of the Thane district, at distance of 40 km north from Mumbai. The nearest airport is Santacruz at a distance of 16 km for domestic air travel. The nearest international airport is Sahar at a distance of around 20 km from the Academy. Nearest railway station is Dahisar. Borivali station is the nearest railway station connected to Mumbai CST and Mumbai Central railway terminuses. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) at a distance of 40 km is the nearest railway hub connected to almost all the parts of India by regular trains. Address Embryology Academy for Research & Training 26A, Raju Industrial Estate, Near Dahisar Check Naka, Mira Road 401 104. Tel: +91 (22) 2845 7140, 2845 7059. Fax: +91 (22) 2845 6766. Email: Website: Place of stay for outstation delegates HOTEL RESIDENCY Suren Road, Behind Cinemagic Theatre, Andheri Kurla road, Mumbai 400 093. Tel: +91 (22) 5692 3344 / 5684 1234. Website: E-mail: Nice & New property, 2 star category Course Registration Fees do not include Hotel costs, however we can arrange as per request. All breaks and lunches are included with the Registration Fee. [11/8/2008 3:49:26 PM]

Eart Feedback Form Name* Address Country Telephone Facsimile Email Id* Send Information For submit Reset [11/8/2008 3:49:36 PM]

Eart quot;Interactive method was very good.quot; - Dr. Khanna quot;Person wants to set up IVF & ICSI should avail this training.quot; - Dr. Mohapatra quot;This was an excellent training program. I have personally enjoyed every bit of it . the faculty was really good. Dr Gorasia, Dr Joshi & Dr Kersi , a sincere thanks to them & to Mr Ashish Modi from whom I have learnt a lot about marketing skills. An excellent staff . Keep it up & keep organizing such programs. It is really required for us which will help us in future.quot; - Dr. Devika Loomba quot;Excellent course & training provided. A bit more practical coordination between faculty would prove to be very beneficial to the students. Over all very good course and wish you all the best for continued courses. Sincere thanks to faculty and Ashish bhai for giving me the opportunity to learn & learn. Many thanks.quot; - Paresh Desai quot;Thrilling experience in life we will never forget. Dr sharma & Mrs Sharma delievered very informative lecture. Staff cooperation is very good. God will help you. All the best.quot; - R. G. Patel quot;Worth of every paisa of money spent.quot; - Dr. Bharati Morey quot;Would like to attend other courses of IVF & ICSIquot; - Dr. Nandini Rambabu quot;Please carry on this training programme, this is realy helpful for the doctors who want to start IVF.quot; - Dr. Mrs. Meghna Rahul Argade quot;The Eart is improving and it is a good plateform for learning ART and wish all the success.quot; - Dr. S. Pappachen quot;All in all a good experience and worthwhile . thanks for the knowledgable experience.. Keep it up. quot; - Dr. Madhu Chadha quot;I thank you for arranging such training programme. I thank you for all the efforts that you have taken.quot; - Dr. Sadhana Khurd [11/8/2008 3:49:41 PM]

Eart Set up of an IVF laboratory Equipments used in an IVF laboratory Live demonstration of sperms under the microscope IUI(Intrauterine Insemination) - Injection of the prepared sperm suspension into the uterine cavity. IVF(In vitro fertilization) - Aspiration of oocytes, fertilization in the lab & transfer of embryos in the uterus. ICSI(intracytoplasmic sperm injection) - injection of sperm in the cytoplasm when the count of sperms is very low, oligozoospermia. Potential uses like cloning and culture of embryos for stem cells. Also See Main :: Let’s do IUI :: Let’s do Embryology :: Let’s do ICSI including IUI & IVF :: Let’s do Calibration [11/8/2008 3:49:48 PM]

Eart Three Days Hands-on training course on Intrauterine Insemination Course Content Semen analysis Semen volume, appearance viscosity assessment Liquefaction time Sperm count and motility assessment Sperm vitality, survival and morphology staining pH assessment Hypo osmotic swelling test Estimation of Fructose Sperms Sperm preparation techniques Swim up method Gradient centrifugation method Insemination procedure Loading of sperm suspension in syringe Troubleshooting Clinical and lab related problems Also See Main :: One Day Orientation Course for students :: Let’s do Embryology :: Let’s do ICSI including IUI & IVF :: Let’s do Calibration [11/8/2008 3:49:53 PM]

Eart Two Days course on laboratory skills Course content Media handling Sperm preparation. Oocyte identification Oocyte handling Insemination tecnique Pipette handling: Mouth pipette & handheld pipette Culture of Oocytes Embryo loading Set up of an IVF laboratory Day 3 embryo Also See Main :: One Day Orientation Course for students :: Let’s do IUI :: Let’s do ICSI including IUI & IVF :: Let’s do Calibration [11/8/2008 3:49:58 PM]

Eart Including IUI & IVF Five days hands-on Training course on IUI, IVF, ICSI Course Content Day 1 Semen analysis Semen preparation Sperm count Sperm morphology and motility assessment Troubleshooting - clinical and lab related problems Day 2 Setup of an IVF laboratory Lab maintenance and quality management Controlled ovarian hyper stimulation protocols Follicular monitoring methods for optimal stimulation Ovum pickup guidelines, identification and retrieval Preparatory procedures for optimal oocyte handling for IVF Media preparation and handling Handling of pipettes Oocyte identification and handling Preparation of dishes for insemination Insemination methods for IVF Insemination of oocytes in culture dishes Troubleshooting-clinical and lab related problems In Vitro Fertilisation Day 3 Different methods of sperm retrieval for ICSI Oocyte preparation and selection for ICSI Procedure for setting up of micromanipulator Preparation of dishes for oocyte Sperm immobilization and pickup Oocyte holding and insemination Culture of inseminated oocytes Oocyte denudation and washing Identification of mature oocytes Setting up micromanipulator Troubleshooting-clinical and lab related problems Oocyte with Cumulus Cells Day 4 Fertilization rate and success with different treatment protocols Embryo culture duration, decisive factors Embryo grading and transfer Assisted hatching methods Cryopreservation of gametes and embryos Troubleshooting Assisted hatching methods Cryopreservation of gametes and embryos Troubleshooting Assisted hatching methods Cryopreservation of gametes and embryos Troubleshooting Mature Oocyte Day 5 ICMR guidelines Discussion on gametes and embryo donation, sperm and ovum banking and surrogacy Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis Ethical aspects of assisted conception and existing laws Current advances in ART Further practice for micromanipulation and oocyte handling Mock cycles for perfecting timing of procedures Reviews, feedback, multimedia education & programme completion. Also See Main :: One Day Orientation Course for students :: Let’s do IUI :: Let’s do Embryology :: Let’s do Calibration [11/8/2008 3:50:05 PM]

Eart Two Days course on calibration of various equipments and various parameters pH CO2 Temperature Particle count & DOP test for laminar air flow Equipments Parameters CO2 Incubator CO2 & Temperature Heating block Temperature Laminar Air flow Velocity, Particle count and Temperature CO2 Incubator Checking the temperature by Glass Thermometer CO2 percentage by Fyrite kit, Digital CO2 analyzer, Kitagawa kit Fyrite Kit Used for CO2 percentage Determination Heating Block Checking the temperature by Glass Thermometer Laminar Air Flow Thermometer DOP, Velocity & Particle count. Temperature calibration by digital Thermometer (1 of 2) [11/8/2008 3:50:17 PM]

Eart Multimeter Also See Main :: One Day Orientation Course for students :: Let’s do IUI :: Let’s do Embryology :: Let’s do ICSI including IUI & IVF (2 of 2) [11/8/2008 3:50:17 PM]

Eart Faculty's Name Experience Having extensive experience in human embryology involved in Mr. Sudesh Kamath 1st ICSI baby of India, 1st Assisted hatched baby of India & MSc (Applied Biology) currently visiting more than 16 IVF centers as a visiting Embryologist. Having extensive experience in human clinical embryology Dr. Himanshu Patel since 1996. Visiting 10 different IVF centres in India, also visiting centre at Srilanka, Malaysia & Bangladesh for IVF/ ICSI M.Sc, Freelance Embryologist etc. In addition to this, doing research work in IVM-In Vitro Maturation of Oocyte. Dr. Narendra Malhotra Having extensive experience in the field of In Vitro Fertilisation. MD, FRSH, FICMCH, FIAJAGO, FICOG, MISUOG Running successful IVF & ICSI centre with all facilities. Dr. Jaydeep Malhotra MBBS, MD, FICMCH, MAJUM (USA), Having extensive experience in the field of In vitro Fertilisation. Running successful IVF & ICSI centre with all facilities. FICOG, MAFS Mr. Keyur Shah Presently working as laboratory incharge at Embryology M.Sc (Biochemistry) Academy for Research & Training. Dr. Mukesh Agarwal Trained in IVF from UK & Singapore. Currently running an IVF MD, DGO, DNB, DFP, DICOG centre for last seven years. Previous [11/8/2008 3:50:20 PM]

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