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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: ChloeFranklin


Trailer Research: Trailer Research American psycho: American psycho Contrapuntal music is used to give a light-hearted atmosphere. This echoes the satirical tone of the movie, which is based on a novel, depicting the Yuppie culture of 1980’s New York. Voiceover overlaps from the previous scene, while clips from other scenes show. This explains the character/plot, while showing other clips which intrigue the audience. Almost-romantic sounding music cuts out after Patrick makes a comment which contrasts with his previous comment. This is followed by a string of sarcastic laughter, while Patrick’s coworkers look on incredibly confused. We are also shown another string of contrapuntal music, which has an upbeat tone to it, almost like elevator music. This music is contrasted by the next montage of scenes which show Patrick’s insane, serial killer personality. Red Eye: Red Eye Montage of airport scenes set the scene without showing too much of the location. This keeps an air of mystery about why this place is so important/key to the story, while planting the idea that it is important. The titles, “For Lisa it’s the end of a rough day” fly in. This leaves the audience wondering who Lisa is, why she has had a rough day, and why this rough day is so relevant to the movie. The music changes to a darker theme, and we find out that the man’s business is “all about her”. We then hear a sting which sounds like a heart-beating to create tension. This is followed by a flash of different images as the music reaches a climax, showing how awful the situation is. The other woman: The other woman No music to begin with as two characters introduce themselves to each other for the first time. This shows that this meeting is crucial to their lives and crucial to the plot. The next two words these character utter to each other are “I’m married, is that okay?” which suggests that the two are engaging in an affair. We find out that the lady has had a baby who has died, as the boy suggests that they sell the babies things. To this she reacts badly, intruding the audience. My best friend’s girl: My best friend’s girl The trailer begins with a piece of upbeat, comedic music which suggests that this movie is of a romantic-comedy genre. This is evidenced by the use of the male’s words, “I love you” followed by a phrase of “It’s been five weeks”. Titles introduce the character “Dustin”, along with a voice over which narrates the story. It also introduces “Tank”, who is dressed in black and appears to be the antagonist. This is proved as false, however, as Dustin turns to Tank for help in making him look good and to impress women. However, the narrator suggests he is making a deal with the devil. 10 Things I hate about you : 10 Things I hate about you The trailer shows 10 things that the narrator hates about somebody. However it is not said who the person is, leaving the audience curious. The narrator introduces the main character who is shown as being the most popular girl at school. We are shown that the narrator hates things about this girl, including her ‘strict father’ which is alluded to in the titles. We can tell he is strict by his use of language and attitudes, and dress sense which is an authoritative suit.

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