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Information about Traffic Signs

Published on March 13, 2014

Author: johnjohnm1234




1- stop signs are very important for maintaining traffic. 2- They make intersections safe. 3- Disregarding stop signs could make intersection really dangerous.

1- Speed limits prevents accidents from accruing on a major scale. 2- 40 kilometers is the example, however there are a verity of speed limit signs that can help even more. 3- Disobeying this rule could not only injure you, it can risk the lives of other drivers and their family passengers.

1- U-Terning can be very harmful in some situations. 2- Banning U-Terns is in some highways can be helpful. 3- not following this rule is as dangerous as going over the speed limit.

1- This sign can be seen in some compounds. 2- It can benefit reduce noise pollution caused by honking. 3- A better solution is to use the car beams to get the attention of other drivers.

1- This sign show that the way you are about to enter is wrong. 2- entering the wrong way is extremely harmful. 3- not paying attention to this sign can cause direct face to face accidents.

1- it helps to give the driver a heads up of the workers on the road. 2- Workers are doing their job, the driver should also do his job and drive carefully. 3- Discarding this sign can cause the injury of the workers on the road.

1- It helps with the safety of the drivers. 2- It tells the drivers that construction vehicles and workers are ahead. 3- Driving without considering this sign can cause the drivers to ram into the construction site.

1- sign remind the driver to fasten their seat belts. 2- Seat Belts can help save the lives and it has saved many driver’s lives. 3- Not fastening your seat belt shows that not only ignorant but also do not care about your life.

1- This sign dictates that loading and unloading packages are prohibited. 2- It helps to prevent slow moving traffic near airports. 3- Not Following this rule can get the driver a violation ticket.

1- This sign shows that an Edge is up ahead and tells the drivers to be careful. 2- I helps reduce off road accidents. 3- not paying attention to this sign can cause fatal injuries.

Be Safe, and Careful

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