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Published on August 1, 2009

Author: turkanarikan



Traditional paper marbeling with a traditional Turkish music.

Traditional PaperMarbeling By Hikmet Barutcugil Music:Faytonlu Longa İncesaz 30.07.2009 19:03

HİKMET BARUTCUGİL Born in Malatya in 1952. He began his education in Textiles at StateAcademy of FineArts, SuperiorSchool of IndustrialAppliedArts in 1973. He wasencouragedby Prof. Emin Barın totrycalligraphyandpapermarblingandtook a specialinterest in papermarbling in 1973. He graduatedfromtheAcademy in 1977. He committedhimselftorelentlessresearch on papermarbling in Londonwhere he stayedtoenhance his expertisebetween 1978 and 1981. He waslaterrecognized as thefirst artist todiscover a newpapermarblingtechniquecalled Barut Marbling in 1988.

BarutçugilstillteachesPaperMarbling at Mimar Sinan Academy of Arts, Marmara UniversityFaculty of FineArts, Department of TraditionalTurkishArts, Ebristan (IstanbulPaperMarblingHouse) andNationalPalacesEducationCenter. Furthermore, some of Barutçugil'swork is on display at theLondonBritishMuseum, BaselPaperMuseum(Switzerland), TonamiTulipMuseum(Japan) and Lok VirsaMuseum(Pakistan). The artist has alsolecturedandspoken at 67 nationaland 138 internationalcoursesandseminarsandopened 81 exhibitions in 35 countries. Barutçugil has appeared on 62 TV showsand has written 47 articlesandconductedseveralinterviewsduring his carreer. Also he has had 11 bookspublished on the art of PaperMarbling.

THE END Photographs Hikmet Barutcugil Music “Faytonlu Longa” Cengiz Onural Kalan MuzikYapimLtd.Std. Arrangedby TurkanArikan Mythanksto Hikmet Barutcugil, Cengiz Onural, Hasan Saltik , Suat Saribagand Kalan MuzikYapimLtd.Sti July 2009

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