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Information about traditional korean culture

Published on September 29, 2008

Author: travis


Slide 1: What is this? Where do you find these kinds of homes? What is this kind of house made of? Slide 2: What is the name of this sport called? How many people know Tae Kwon Do? What makes Tae Kwon do so special? Slide 3: What is the name of this activity? When do you usually see or hear this kind of music? What is the name of the big round instrument? Slide 4: What is this food called? What are the main ingredients? Do you like it? Which kind of kimbap is your favorite? How often do you eat it? Slide 5: What do you call this? What is it made of? What special occasions do you eat this? Slide 6: Why does it smell so strong? What is this? How many kinds of kimchi are there? How often do Korean people eat this? Slide 7: What are all these different foods called? Why are there so many different side dishes? What are the most common kinds of side dishes? What is your favorite side dish? Slide 8: What is this game called? W What are the rules of the game? What do you do with the sticks? When do you play this game? Slide 9: What is this style of clothing called? When do Korean people wear these clothes? Slide 10: What type of house is this? When did people used to live in these homes? What is it made of? Slide 11: What are these men doing? Is it a sport or dancing?

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