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Published on March 2, 2009

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The application of traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) and their extracts as functional food ingredients

Chinese medicine in food 5- The use of TCM in food Peter Peverelli P.O. Box 3158 2601 DD Delft [email_address] An overview in broad perspective

Medicine = food There is a strong link (overlap) between pharmaceuticals and food in traditional Chinese thinking about food, nutrition and preventing/curing disease. Chinese medicine in food Yao shi tong yuan : medicine food same source Official list of 80 plants that are recognised as ‘both medicine and food’

Chinese medicine in food Eating = healing Shi liao : food healing Medicinal herbs can be used as ingredients in cooking Heshouwu (polygonum; fleece flower) chicken Yao shan : medicinal meal

Chinese medicine in food TCM patent drug -> food supplement ‘ medicine for stomach disease’ -> ‘medicine for digestive disorders’ -> ‘digestive aid for all ages’ Jian wei xiao shi pian Strengthen stomach digestion tablets Year Turnover RMB million 2001 170 2002 400 2003 700 2004 800 2005 800 2006 900 2007 950

Chinese medicine in food TCM = food ingredient TCM used as ingredient in processed foods and beverages Maize cake Clove, angelica, nutmeg Source of Balance Tea Chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, lily Traditional product Foreign interest

Chinese medicine in food TCM = food ingredient

Chinese medicine in food TCM = food ingredient Pangdahai Novel, attractive Ocean Breeze Sterulia* Chrysanthemum* Wolfberry* Lotus seed* Hawthorn* Sterulia Clear & moisten throat Soothe coughing Relieve constipation Soothe coarse voice

Chinese medicine in food TCM = food ingredient Dangshen* Radix codonopsis Every day

Chinese medicine in food TCM = food ingredient Heshouwu* (polygonum; fleece flower) soft candy Fancy traditional gift

Chinese medicine in food TCM = food ingredient Slimming biscuits Online only . . . Voguish 16 medicinal herbs including: Crataegus pinnatifida* Rehmannia glutinosa* Achyranthes niaentata

Chinese medicine in food TCM = food ingredient Military turned civilian Antiradiation biscuits Ingredients G reen tea G anoderma lucidum G entiana manshurica A tractylodes Paeoniae Alba

Chinese medicine in food TCM patent drug in new form Wanglaoji turnover exceeds RMB 1 billion p.a. Mega-success Active ingredients Ilex asprella* Lophatherum gracile Citrus medica Microcos paniculata Helicteres angusifolia Lygodium japonicum Rosa laevigata Oroxylum indicum Lysimachia christinae P olygonum chinense

Chinese medicine in food TCM extract as food ingredient Chrysanthemum honeysuckle icecream (under development) Ingredient Dosage (%) Whole milk powder 7 Crystal sugar 13 Margerine 10 Glutinous rice meal 3 Gelatin 0.3 CMC 0.3 Sucrose ester 0.05 Monoglycerine 0.1 Chrysanthemum extract 15 Honeysuckle extract 5

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